Wednesday, January 24, 2018

WIP Wednesday

I hope everyone has been having a good week. It's been busy, but also very craft-full, which is always a happy thing. I've been working more on the Hitchhiker shawl and I think I'm at least halfway now. 
Hitchhiker Shawl with Painted Desert #36 Sour Tart on 3.5mm circular needles

It builds up diagonally, so it's difficult to tell sometimes how much is left. I really like how the colours are coming out though, and I think it will go with a lot of outfits. 

I'm also doing stitching mostly every day, and I try and do at least one repetition of the shawl pattern per day, then stitch the rest of the time. You saw some updates on the IHSW post on Monday, and here's where Ballerina Dreams is at:
Ballerina Dreams Dimensions kit on 18 ct Petra by Chromatic Alchemy

One of the most interesting parts of getting back to knitting is how my cat Max is reacting. He loves the yarn of course, although he is old enough now that he won't necessarily try and steal it and run away with it. Instead, he prefers to lie on the bag I keep my yarn in. This is not a new bag, it's been around the house, but he's never shown any interest until the yarn was inside it. Cats... :)

Happy Stitching!



  1. Lovely shawl and nice progress Tiffany. Max is a cutie.


  2. I love your shawl the color is just gorgeous. LOL About Max. I think cats purpose in life is to do whatever they can to annoy their people haha. Your Ballerina piece is really coming along. Great work!

  3. Your knitting and stitching is lovely but oh what a cutie Max is! We can't have furry pets as my Hubby is allergic but I am just in love with Max. So funny that he likes to "guard" your wool too!

  4. Love the colors of the hitchhiker. My Elvira likes to grab at the yarn while I knit. Maybe he thinks someone is going to steal it and is keeping it safe for you.

    1. Thank you! Max used to do that too. Plus he's unwound entire skeins when he was a kitten. :) He used to steal bobbins of thread too.

  5. Your shawl is progressing well and so is Ballerina. It is amusing to see that cats really love yarns:)
    I like pets and my daughter wants a dog but I just don't have the energy to take care knowing that I will end up looking after.

  6. Such nice progress on Ballerina Dreams. And the Hitchhiker shawl will be gorgeous with its wonderful colours.

  7. I love the colours on the shawl, beautiful!
    Great progress on the stitching too. Your craft routine seems to work well for you.
    Max is so cute!!!!

  8. Cats and yarn - it's a love story! Come to think of it, my MIL's cat also like to lie on my crafting bag, no matter if there is knitting or stitching in it.

  9. I love your shawl,gorgeous colours.
    Ballerina Dreams is pretty

  10. Cats are only Deeply Interested in things you are. My cats ignore my project bags until I start doing something with them and then the bags become The Most Interesting New Thing That Must Be Explored or Sat On/In.

    Hitchhiker Shawl almost sounds like it needs to be Hitchhiker Towel. :D

  11. Love the colorway of the shawl.

  12. Great progress with your beautiful shawl, and lovely stitching on Ballerina!
    Lovely to see Max again. I wait till our terrors are asleep before doing any knitting at all! And have to play it by ear with my stitching too so they can’t sit or walk on anything they shouldn’t! We even try to get them playing with their own toys so they don’t play with mine!
    Love ‘em!
    Barbara xx

  13. Nice progress but overshadowed by the gorgeous cat! My cat was never interested in my stitching but would come sit on my lap while I stitched over her head. Good thing I stitch in hand and not using a floor stand!

  14. The Hitchhiker shawl is fabulous, and yes, it will go with so many differing outfits.
    Max is adorable, perhaps he would like a hand knitted blanket? We used to have a tabby cat called Max.

  15. The shawl is turning out very pretty. Max is a pretty kitty! Good luck with your Ballerinas!

  16. Positively beautiful colors.


  17. I love your scarf! It is going to be amazing. And your Ballerina Dreams is off to a beautiful start. Thanks for sharing about Max. Cats are so interesting. I love that he had no interest in the bag until you stored your gorgeous yarn in it!

  18. Very pretty colours to the shawl. I've just bought some colour changing wool too and hoping to get back into knitting. Your cat is gorgeous - I have a Jack Russell that keeps me company while crafting.

  19. Gorgeous colours in the shawl. It is going to gorgeous when it is finished.

  20. Such beautiful colours! It really is looking fabulous!
    That cute Max, must be something in the name...

  21. The colours are just so very pretty, Tiffany, I can't wait to see the finished shawl.


Thanks for any comments!

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