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A Challenging Project and a Decision to Make

Although I haven't been posting lately, I've been stitching and trying to keep up with everyone's A-Z challenge posts. 

I decided I would attempt the recent HAED challenge from their Facebook page. You have to finish one page by stitching cross-country instead of parking as many, including myself, do with HAEDs. I debated back and forth a bit on this one because the 2 HAEDs I worked on for the DUCJFC did not have enough stitches per page to meet the requirements. 

Dragon Under Glass isn't big enough, and 
Bailey Basset had too much unstitched space. It's too bad about this one since it's tent stitch and would be going fairly quickly. 

In the end I pulled out Mini Winter Magic

I really like this one, but I had put it away to work on the first Mabel Figworthy's Fancies SAL. The last time this one saw the light of day was early in 2013 before my stitching time went down to almost nothing from mid 2013 until 2015. 

I started work on the upper left corner since there …


I stayed up too late last night to finish:


I'm so excited to finish this one, and it was very soothing to stitch. 

Thank you for all you comments about my Grandma. They diagnosed her with endocarditis and she's getting the correct treatment now. I've made plans to try and get there next week so I hope she continues to improve. 

Also I had some happy mail yesterday, my order from The Wooden Needle arrived:

The threads and beads are for my Letters by Nora and I decided to pick up a PS chart I would regret never having stitched. 

Plus my awesome Chromatic Alchemy post arrived too!

I won the chance to buy the sparkly Bridget's Garden from her Facebook page, and the Sharni is this month's Fabric of the month, so it's 10% off all month if you're interested. :) 

Happy Stitching and thank you all again for your kind comments!


IHSW - April Conclusion

If you already saw yesterday's GG post, this will be a little repetitive, but here goes. 
IHSW is always a fun weekend for me, although I'm usually working. I also had to spend time I'd normally stitch on Friday to clear all the dead leaves out of the flower beds. At least now they should do better. 

I managed to complete some of the 3rd section of See Ya Later Alligator to here: 2 over 2 on 28 count Lugana Nuriel's Forest by Chromatic Alchemy
Then my week was up with this one so I did manage to put it away for now. 
I debated on what to pick up next, and I had some not great news about my Grandma's health, so I decided on something relatively easy to hopefully keep my stress down. I picked up Autumn Elegance from CS&N and managed to progress from here in January:
to here last night:
I'm stitching this on cream coloured 22 count hardanger with Watercolours in Cardinal, Moonglow, Emerald and Holiday. I have one more row of Holiday to do on the main pattern, a full …

Gifted Gorgeousness - April

I'm a day late with my post for GG. This is where we talk about stitching we're doing for others or with gifted materials, etc. It's hosted by the wonderful Jo of Serendipitous Stitching. I think you can sign up any time if you're interested. One of these days I have to figure out how to add the button to my blog. 

Since the Jan/Feb challenge is over I've been stitching on what I wanted or felt like needed to be worked on. 

I've managed most of the stitching on L by Nora Corbett:

and The Wooden Needle called with my mail-order for the remaining threads as well, so I hope this will be done by next month's GG post. Possibly I'll even manage to frame K and this one and get them to their recipient!

I also worked on my KLT Charting Owl SAL that was a gift from a fellow stitcher:
 Owl #3 modified
And I managed a decent amount on Princess and the Dragon for my daughter:
I plan on devoting a week a month to this one to get it moving along. There's a lot to go!

I t…

WIP Wednesday

I've kept See Ya Later Alligator by Jodyri Designs out this week and I've managed a decent amount of stitching. 

I'm still loving stitching this on Nuriel's Forest by Chromatic Alchemy. I'm stitching 2 over 2 on 2 count Lugana. The moon is in DMC and the lettering is an unknown Dinky Dyes thread from an Oops pack. The dinosaur is also DMC  and the lettering is Jodyri Argentine Tango. I've only just started the next section. 
The dinosaur and moon need some white for the eyes. I tried Blanc, but it seemed dingy, so I'm going to use B5200. There is also some pale pink charted for the dinosaur's mouth and I'll see how it looks. I kind of like it now, but it may look better filled in. 
I'd like to stay on this until I finish maybe since it's fairly simple to do. I'm not sure though, as there are so many WIPs to get moving on. :) I was debating about rotating a project out every week as many people do, Eva has 2 finishes fairly quickly with that…

Weekend Round-Up

Wow, a week goes really fast! I was going to post on Friday, and Saturday, and Sunday, but never managed it with everything going on this weekend. There was a fair bit of stitching as well as everything else. 

I managed to finish 'L' as much as possible until my threads arrive:

Once I receive them it shouldn't take too long to finish off, then I will need to frame this one and 'K' and give them to their recipient. 

I also managed to finish a little more on Princess and the Dragon before putting it away again:

So many people commented on the fabric, I should mention I'm stitching one over one on Amarinthine by Chromatic Alchemy. She's switching to a new web host and the old one is being rude about it, so unfortunately sometimes her website is down. It should be all fixed within a month though. 

I decided to dig through all the WIPs I had on my side table beside my stitching spot and I found a HAED that won't work for the new challenge on the Facebook group, s…

Weekend Update and a Favourite WIP

I was away at a conference all weekend in Saratoga Springs, New York. It's a very pretty place if you ever get a chance to go there. They're known for the horse racing:

harness racing flat track racing
Saratoga only has flat track racing in the summer, but harness racing goes on most of the year. 
Saratoga Springs is also known for the performing arts and has this statue in front of their visitor center:
Many years ago I worked in Saratoga and went to a ballet at the local outdoor theatre. It was amazing! I sent this photo to my co-worker for his daughter who is very interested in ballet and dances herself. 

But this weekend I was stuck inside all day except at night when I went for a quick walk and saw ducks everywhere:

They were always in groups of 3. Sometimes 2 males and 1 female, sometimes 2 females and one male, it was a little odd how they were all spread out on my walk back to the hotel. There was also a Baby Gap and I found a couple shirts for DD. It was my first time at a G…