Monday, April 4, 2016

Weekend Update and a Favourite WIP

I was away at a conference all weekend in Saratoga Springs, New York. It's a very pretty place if you ever get a chance to go there. They're known for the horse racing:

harness racing
flat track racing

Saratoga only has flat track racing in the summer, but harness racing goes on most of the year. 

Saratoga Springs is also known for the performing arts and has this statue in front of their visitor center:

Many years ago I worked in Saratoga and went to a ballet at the local outdoor theatre. It was amazing! I sent this photo to my co-worker for his daughter who is very interested in ballet and dances herself. 

But this weekend I was stuck inside all day except at night when I went for a quick walk and saw ducks everywhere:

They were always in groups of 3. Sometimes 2 males and 1 female, sometimes 2 females and one male, it was a little odd how they were all spread out on my walk back to the hotel. There was also a Baby Gap and I found a couple shirts for DD. It was my first time at a Gap for DD and their clothes are really cute. 
Baby Gap shirt :)

And since this is a stitching blog, let's get on to the stitching! 

The conference involved a lot of sitting in one spot while we watching lectures. I debated about which project to bring, but I finally decided that "colouring in" might be the best choice so I could keep my attention on the speaker. 

I prepped The Princess and the Dragon beforehand:

and I decided the part with the Princess was a little too fiddly to have to follow a pattern and pay attention to a speaker. So I started tracing out the legs of the dragon to allow me to just stitch on black without having to think about it much. 

I managed a decent amount over the weekend and got to here:

A few more rows of body and a few on his feet. I think this might stay out for a bit to get more of the outlining done. I'm enjoying how it all comes together. 

I'll join up with the Monday Stitchery Link-Up Party with Super Mom again this week, and make sure you check out everyone's updates!

Happy Stitching, 



  1. Just an FYI for your future Disney World trip...they have a resort based on Saratoga Springs called...well, you can figure it out. Might be a good choice for y'all!

  2. An interesting way to spend your time at a conference. Best of both worlds I suppose! :)

  3. nice progress on you stitchery.

  4. Hubby and I love Saratoga. He is a horse racing fan. There are some great restaurants in that town. Great idea for stitching while you are listening. You got a good amount finished.

  5. Wonderful progress Tiffany.


  6. Thanks for the mini-tour of Saratoga Springs. I love the fabric that you picked for your piece.

  7. Very nice progress, on truly beautiful fabric.

  8. Great progress!! You are lucky you can take your stitching to work:)

  9. che lino stupendo, il ricamo verrĂ  benissimo

  10. Cheeky girl!! Stitching at a conference :D
    Great progress though!

  11. Glad you had a nice conference at least. Beautiful stitching. Great idea to just color it in.

  12. I love the concerts at SPAC. It is wonderful out door venue. I haven't been there in years. It's a beautiful place to visit. Thank you for sharing. Love your stitching choice for Lectures.

  13. HAHA! Love the pic of DD. She looks absolutely adorable. Stitching looks great. All those HAED WIPs! (yeah, I was playing catch up hehe)

  14. Lovely fabric you were working on at your conference

  15. That's a great way to get some stitching done without needing to count on the chart. Lovely fabric too.

  16. You are making good progress. love the pretty fabric colour. I usually carry my tiny hexies in my bag and get some sewn up in waiting rooms and coach trips etc.

  17. Saratoga sounds very interesting and so glad that you were able to put some stitchy time in whilst on conference.

  18. Haha, stitching at a conference! I could never focus enough on either if I did both! Love how the dragon legs are sort of following the fabric curves (thought it'll eventually be covered up with black).


Thanks for any comments!

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