Monday, November 30, 2020

Naughty November Week 4 - Honest Santa - I Didn't Do It!

Here we are, the last(?) start of this year and the last Naughty November start. Please check out Rachel's post so you can see what everyone else is working on as well. 

I've had this chart for a few years, and I really like the picture of it, but I hadn't started it until now. 

I had Friday off, so I would have had a little extra time to stitch, but DD was needing to do a lot of things, so we went on a hike, scooter (foot push) ride, all kinds of things since the weather was very nice. That means I didn't get a lot done, and once I started, I realized there's approximately one million fractional stitches in this. Ugh... Perhaps this is why I hadn't started it yet. 
Honest Santa - I Didn't Do It! by The Sweetheart Tree
stitched as charted, 2 over 2 on last scrap of Tempest by Chromatic Alchemy

I had some idea of finishing this for a gift for DH, but I don't know if that will happen. So many fractionals... my goodness. Possibly if I get a thread length in per day that will help me finish it off. 

On an easier stitching subject, I did use my extra days off to get a lot more done on the Prairie Schooler Santa:
2009 Santa by Prairie Schooler
stitched 2 over 2 with DMC blanc, 816, and 890
on 28ct Haunted by PTP?

There's still a decent amount of stitching left, so I'm not sure if I'll finish this one before the end of the year either. But that's okay, it's an easy one to pick up and work on now and again. 

This has been a fun month of new starts and a couple finishes! I need to FFO the 2 I finished and gift them to DD for Christmas this year. I think she'll like to put them on the tree. They're not quite square, so I can't finish them back to back, so I'll do it individually. Hopefully I'll get them finished for Rachel's Fully Finished Gallery next month!

Happy Stitching, and stay well!


Monday, November 23, 2020

Naughty November Week 3 - 2009 Prairie Schooler Santa

 It's the end of yet another weekend in November, which seems to be flying by. I don't think any of us are upset about that though. It's been quite a year. 

I decided to pull out another ornament that I've had hanging around for a while. This is a Prairie Schooler, of which I have very few, and it's a little larger than the previous weeks' ornaments. It will look close to this when I'm finished: 

And I made it this far:
2009 Prairie Schooler Santa
stitched 2 over 2 on 28ct Haunted
with DMC threads

I'm brightening it up a bit and will hope to get this finished up this week as well. I have a couple extra days off with the American Thanksgiving holiday later this week. 

I also started a new knitting project this weekend! Berroco, a yarn company, sends out a weekly newletter that usually includes a free pattern. This week's newsletter contained patterns for 3 different stockings. A couple were a little adventurous for me, but this one seems like I could make it work:

There is actual colourwork, which I've never done before, but this is a fairly simple colour work design. Here's where I'm at so far:
Comet stocking by Berroco yarns
knit on size 10, 6mm needles in the round
with stash yarn from Lion Brand, Green Mtn Spinnery, Bernat and Yellow Dog Farm

It's just like knitting an enormous sock and the next part will be the heel. It goes quickly with bulky yarn too! I'm kind of hoping to make more to use up my stash and maybe donate them? This one will be for DD though. 

Happy stitching and stay well! Happy Thanksgiving if you're in the US!


Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Fully Finished Gallery - November Edition

 I finally made it! I've been meaning to post on Rachel's FFO gallery for months now, but kept not quite managing to get a post up in time. This month I'm determined to do it. I even have multiple things to show now too. 

First up, this has been finished for a while:

Siberian Forest QS by HAED
stitched 1 over 1 full cross as charted on 28ct Monaco 

I had a few 6x6 inch frames for Mill Hill finishes and turns out this fits just about perfectly! I even washed it, since it was a little grungy after being stitched on since 2012. There wasn't any bleeding of colour thank goodness. 

And I'm really excited about my next finish. I gifted it to a friend who is also a bibliophile:

Sleep is Good by Circus Stitches
stitched 2 over 2 with Caron Waterlilies Plum and Soie Cristal green
on 28ct Bacchus by Chromatic Alchemy

I found these bags at Michael's. They're canvas, lined inside with something silky-looking. They have handles and a zipper. I think they're intended to use as bridesmaids gifts, that kind of thing, but it works pretty well for this. It didn't take very long to complete and I think I even managed to pin it on straight, enough that my friend took a sec to realize I had put it together instead of purchasing new. That's always a nice feeling that you did it well. 

Someone had a big birthday around here, and since things are such that there's really no ability to have a party, I wanted to try and make something special. I found these in Issue 13 of the XStitch magazine as part of a pattern for a slot machine. 
Are You Feeling Lucky? by Stitchfinity
stitched 3 or 4 over 1 with stash threads on silver perforated paper 

I chose rainbow colours since DD loves rainbows and is always drawing and painting them. I had some idea of making 7 of these with individual colours, but that didn't quite work out. I had some Dinky Dyes Down Under Blues left to make 2 sections on these and I thought it was a good indigo colour. 

I still need to finish up lots of other projects, so let's switch to knitting as well, since they are easier to fully finish. :)

I managed to complete 2 pairs of socks in the last few months for gifts:
Sweet and Tartan socks by Traci Millar
knit with Fiberstash Fire Engine Red and Charcoal

These were completed for a friend who loves red/black plaid. I'm so glad they turned out well. It's all mosaic knitting, and the heel is a little different from the usual gusset, which I thought made them a little tight to get on when I checked the size. No complaints from the recipient, who has slightly smaller feet, so perhaps not an issue for her feet. If I make them for me, I'll just be sure to use my normal heel. 

"vanilla" socks, no particular pattern, cast on 64 stitches per sock
Yarn is If I Wanted Exposure by Blue Moon Fiber Arts

These have been mailed, so hopefully they will fit as well when they're received. I enjoyed how the yarn knit up and sort of striped a bit. I've had this for a couple years from when Countess Ablaze released a dye lot for any dyers interested as long as they were going to contribute some of the proceeds to charity. It's a nice yarn, with a good twist so you don't catch the threads. This is the only Blue Moon yarn I've owned/used so far. 

And that's everything I've finished so far. If I can get myself in gear, maybe there will be more for next month. 

Stay well and Happy Stitching!


Monday, November 16, 2020

Naughty November Start 2 - Little Girl with Ornament

Another weekend in November is gone already, and here is start (and finish!) number 2! Please check out Rachel's post so you can see who else is joining in the fun. 

Last week I'd started on Handblessings Little Girl with Teddy Bear ornament, and I managed to finish it since it was so close. I still need to add the charm:

Little Girl With Teddy Bear by Handblessings
stitched 2 over 2 with DMC Variations 4210 on 28ct Rubescent by Chromatic Alchemy

And the piece of fabric I had was just big enough that I could also fit on another Handblessings ornament. This past weekend I started Little Girl with Ornament:

I used the same fabric and thread, although I ran out of what I had with this much stitching left:

Fortunately my work isn't that far away from Michael's and despite the fact I was a little nervous going on with the increase in COVID-19 cases around here, I found what I needed and got in and out quickly. 

And then another finish besides needing the charm:
Little Girl with Ornament by Handblessings
stitched 2 over 2 with DMC Variations 4210 on 28ct Rubescent by Chromatic Alchemy

I'm still debating a bit for this weekend's start. I might pull out something small again since the last weekend will give me a bit more stitching time because it's Thanksgiving in the US and I have Thursday and Friday off. I have something that's been hiding in my stash for a while that's been waiting for a good excuse to start and I think this Naughty November challenge is it! 

I hope you're all staying healthy and safe and happy stitching!


Monday, November 9, 2020

Naughty November - Start 1 - Little Girl with Teddy Bear

 Here we are again with another month of new starts! Let's forget about that other new start last month... At least I finished it, right? Anyway, Rachel and I definitely didn't have enough of our new starts from April through August, so we had to sneak a few more in before the end of the year. Rachel had hers set for a while, and some lovely fabric choices as well. I thought I wanted to try and keep things small, and hopefully get 4 finishes with the 4 new starts as well. 

First up, I've had this one in my stash for at least a couple years and have wanted to stitch it for DD. Her favourite stuffed animal is a teddy bear that she was gifted on her 3rd day of life while we were still in the hospital. She carried it everywhere! It's been almost lost a couple times, and now that she's a little older, he stays home when she goes out, just so there's no more incidents. 

Here's what the chart looks like:

and I've changed up the colours a bit:

Little Girl with Teddy Bear Under the Tree by Handblessings
stitched 2 over 2 on 28ct Rubescent by Chromatic Alchemy with DMC Coloris 4210

I plan on finishing this up tonight, then next weekend might be another Handblessings, or possibly something from the latest XStitch magazine. Stay tuned! And happy new starts to everyone else joining in!

Stay well and Happy Stitching!


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