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WIP Wednesday: 2015 Round-up

Unlike my cross stitch hero Mrs Milkybar Kid, I didn't start or end the year with a clean slate. I still have lots of WIPs out there, although I did manage to finish up a few in 2015 that had been hanging around for years.

This is not an inclusive list as there are other WIPs hanging around that I didn't work on at all in 2015. And it's pretty photo-heavy too. :)

WIPs as of January 2015 (pre Crazy January Challenge) and now finished:

White Wolves from 2003?
Homeward Trail from 2012

Dimensions Joy Ornament from 2012
LK's Dog Lessons from 2013?


Dimensions The Good Life from 2011?
Fry and Leela from 2012

I'm really excited about finishing some of these that had been sitting around for a long, long time. Some still need finish-finishing, but at least the stitching has been finished.

WIPs that I worked on in 2015 but didn't finish

Ladyfee 2014 SAL
 Warbreaker from 2013

skitzzzzz fractal from 2011?
Tribal Dragon

I think I&#…

Top 10 Tuesdays: Top 10 Things To Look Forward to in 2016

Top 10 Tuesday time! Don't forget to check out our host Kate's blog and feel free to join in with Keebles and myself too. 

Top 10 Things to Look Forward to in 2016

1. Debbie's Ultimate Crazy January/February Challenge

This will be my first year attempting to work on a new project every day throughout January and February. Not all of my projects will be new, some will be WIPs, especially some leftover from this year, but I will attempt to work on something different every day. 

I'm not sure yet if I will post every day or try and do a few days in one post like Linda did last year. She's doing the 365 starts in 2016, so bookmark her blog to check out all her projects. 

2. New Equipment for the Office

We bought the practice over a year and a half ago now and it's time to update the equipment. Things have been going pretty well and fingers crossed they will continue that way. 

3. More Fun with DD

DD will be in her third year and will be ready for all kinds of new experienc…

Last Weekend Wrap-Up of 2015

Here we are, almost a week after my last post! It turned out to be fairly busy over the holidays after all. DD had a great time with all of the presents, and played with everything. She was a little leery of the dragon/dinosaur slippers and she hasn't really worn those yet, but maybe she will try them on her own time. 

There was some stitching done despite all the cleaning, breaking down of boxes, traveling, etc. and some gingerbread cookies from the recipe I posted last Tuesday. They turned out well, so give them a try if you're looking for a healthier gingerbread cookie. I didn't take any photos, but they did well with the cookie cutters, including the Doctor Who ones. If there are any left when I get home I'll try and take a photo. 


FFO: Mill Hill kit

Here's the fully finished Mill Hill with beaded hanger and backing and a close-up of the beads. The recipient liked it very much. Thank you for all of your great comments on it!
I started a gift for my other …

Top 10 Tuesdays: Top 10 Food/Drink For Holiday Season

Top 10 Tuesday time! This week we talk about food and drink we enjoy over the holidays. My list may be a little limited because of my food allergies, so make sure you check out Keeble's and Kate's lists to get some ideas. 


1. Snowdrops
image from
My Grandma made these every year and they were always the first to disappear from the cookie trays. Does everyone have those? Mixed cookies on trays that are kept in the "cold room" (Grandma's porch in her case). As children we'd try and sneak out on the porch to get some of these out of their containers.
I managed to make these once without problem and will attempt them again this year. DH doesn't think they're much more than a vehicle for chocolate chips, and I wonder how he doesn't get that that is their purpose. :)
2. Egg Nog
I love eggnog. Something about the spicy creaminess of it, yum! I have to stick with dairy free ones now and they're …

Weekend Wrap-Up: A New Finish

I didn't get the afghan done in time to mail it, and now I'm realizing I could have finished off the smaller Dimensions ornament I'd finished earlier in the year and sent that back with my parents. 

This one:

Hindsight is 20/20 right? 

Anyways, I was really busy with the preparations for DH's birthday last week and barely had any stitching time. The afghan hasn't progressed much farther than the last photo. I'm thinking I may finish up the above one and mail it off so it will get there shortly after Xmas. 

I did manage to finish the stitching and beading on the Mill Hill tree kit as of last night:

So now I only need to make the hanger and back it with felt. That will be finished up tonight and it's only deciding if I will attempt another project or not to finish up by Thursday for my co-workers. I'm thinking a small towel might be possible, but not another tree kit like this one. 

I didn't get the one I started for my other friend completed, so I'm al…

WIP Wednesday - A Work in Progress

I've started to back the afghan with the fabric, so it's rough yet, and I'm paranoid that I'm dropping pins in places DD might find them. I check every night, but everyone keep your fingers crossed for me please! 

Here's the finished product before any pinning:

And here's where I am so far:

I do really like how the afghan is coming together and it seems that the backing is staying straight so far. Since I don't have a sewing machine, I'm stitching it in an obvious way and that's highlighting each design as well. That was a nice, unforeseen benefit.

I have a feeling I won't finish by Friday, but we'll see. I have to finish Thursday night and the chances of that are fairly slim. I have a lot of work tonight getting cheesecake ready for DH's birthday on Thursday. I'm going to try and make 2 cheesecakes. One will be goat cheese from this recipe, and the other will be vegan

I left some cashews soaking and hopefully they'll be perfect by …

Top 10 Tuesdays: Top 10 Xmas Charts

I did a post on this a few months ago and you can see it here. I'll add 10 different charts this time. I'm sure that Keebs and Kate and I will all have different charts in our lists, so check their lists as well to get some ideas for your Xmas gifts. :)


1. Reindeer Games: The Huddle by Ink Circles
image from
I haven't stitched this one, but I love the creativity behind it. You don't even know right away the motifs are reindeer and using one red bead to represent Rudolph is very clever. My only question is, which reindeer is missing? :)

2. Twas the Night Before Christmas by Sue Hillis
image from
Sue Hillis has so many fun Christmas patterns! I love how she adds fun to all of her designs and I have one of hers lined up to re-stitch next year. 
3. December by Cross Eyed Cricket image from

I've never stitched anything from this designer, but this looked fun. They have something for every single…