WIP Wednesday

I managed to finish October! But I'm going to save that for tomorrow and my Turtle Trot post. Today being WIP Wednesday I'll show you my November, which is coming along pretty quickly.

Day 1
with Caron Watercolours and Wildflowers in Black Cherry
first woven picot ever
Day 2
over half of the woven bars complete

Considering how much wrapping and cutting November has entailed it hasn't been too difficult. The woven picots weren't really difficult, although they don't seem to want to stay up in an arch like the instructions say they should. Possibly I didn't use enough thread? Or too much? 

Once I finish the wrapping I need to do 5 filling stitches as well. Right now I'm debating about using a neutral colour or doing them in the darker Black Cherry. I think neutral might be a nice pop with this one, so that may be what I decide on. 

I hope I can finish tonight and maybe even start December. I've given myself a deadline of finishing by Dec. 17 including backing this as well because we're sending a package to my parents, so I could include this. It's not a big deal if I don't get it done though. 

Happy Stitching!



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