WIP Wednesday

I hope everyone's Wednesday is going well! We're halfway through the work week if you're a Mon-Fri worker and I'm on my 4th day out of 5, so it's looking good so far. 

My parents are visiting, so I haven't had a lot of time to stitch, but here's what I've managed so far:

Finished August SOTW:
with Caron Abalone in Watercolours and Wildflowers

and I've made a good start on September and have a few nights progress here:

with Caron Terra Cotta Watercolours and Wildflowers

September has been fun! I liked August too, but I'm really getting interested in how September is shaping up. I'm working on the couching for the satin stitch now and it's a little fiddly, but has a nice effect when complete. Then there's just a little cutting and wrapping in the center and I'll be done. Possibly I'll be able to finish tonight. 

There's no way I'll have the whole blanket complete before my parents leave on Saturday though, so I'm undecided if I want to continue on and try and get it mailed to my Grandma before Xmas or send something back with them. 

I'm also working on a coaster for a friend who likes a certain DC character:

This is 10 count plastic canvas and I'm using doubled 6strand DMC to make it nice and dark. The yellow will be 307 and I'm thinking I'll just do that as half stitch and then trim the coaster in black as well. I started the 307 and ran out, so I need to pick up another couple skeins. 

I hope you're all having a nice week, and Happy Stitching!



  1. Wow, the colours in your SOTWs are amazing, as is the detail. Well done! Hope your friend likes her coaster when it's finished. :)

  2. wow, l'hardanger colorato è meraviglioso

  3. Your squares look great Tiffany.


  4. Those look great! I never could master any stitch other than cross, so I'm always fascinated by those who can!

  5. For not much time, you're doing terrific. Loving the SOTWs.

  6. August is looking great and September is going well too!
    For thick plastic canvas, I usually use cotton yarn. The more thickness of threads/floss, the more carefully we have to stitch to lay them flat else they get over each other. So I find yarn easier to work with.

  7. Beautiful finish and great start! Love the Batman. Good luck getting it finished up.


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