Weekend Wrap-Up

My parents left on Saturday, then Sunday my in-laws dropped in, so again, not a heck of a lot of stitching time. I'm not quite finished with October's SOTW, although I did go back and finish September. 

If you compare the photos, the square is lined up a little differently in the last post. I think the part I had to finish is now the upper right and it was pictured as lower right in the last post. It's nice to be completely done!

And here's how far along I am with October:

I'm not sure why the above photo is so yellow, I used the same light and Google Photos doesn't let me edit it properly, so this is what we have. The same afghan looks like 3 different shades since it's a little off in each photo. 

Anyways, I'm almost done October, I only need to do the last 3 spiderweb filling stitches. I started off doing the wrong wrapped bars, they were supposed to be double woven, but I was too far along to stop once I'd noticed, so I continued on with what I was doing. I think they look okay. I'm really impressed with my first ribbon rose and spiderweb rose and I have close-ups on the next photo:

The pinks don't quite match, but the pink and white variegated thread has the same name as DD, so I had to use that one. :)

I hope everyone had a good weekend and fingers crossed this square will be complete tonight. November's square had a lot of cutting, so wish me luck on that one! 

Happy Stitching and please check out everyone else's stitching at the Stitchery Link-Up Party hosted by Super Mom-No Cape!



  1. Beautiful work and lovely to see. xx

  2. What beautiful Hardanger blocks! I love the threads you have used! Christine x

  3. What beautiful Hardanger blocks! I love the threads you have used! Christine x

  4. Your blocks are gorgeous! The colours are really lovely especially the pink thread you used. :o)
    Hugs xx

  5. Gorgeous! Congrats on the Sept finish!

  6. Lovely squares!! The pink color is sweet:)

  7. Both blocks are beautiful! And your ribbon rose and spider roses turned out perfect.

    Thanks so much for linking up to last week's Stitchery Link Party and for linking back. Aloha hugs.


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