Saturday, November 18, 2023

Focus on a Finish? 2023

Hello everyone and thank you for your lovely comments on my Halloween blog hop post. The stitchy bug is biting again, possibly because I just had to relocate my yarn stash and it all feels a little overwhelming. Or maybe because I'd like to get a few Christmas projects completed? Anyway, let's see where it takes me. I tried to update my WIPs and finishes here to get a handle on things and see what I can work towards finishing before the end of the year. So far this year 2/3 cross stitch projects I've started I've also finished. We won't talk about knitting projects right now...

2023 Starts
1. Chicks! by the Steady Thread
2. Eyeball Martini by Mill Hill
3. Tiger by Paine Free Crafts

2022 Starts
1. Triumphant Ride by Charting Creations 
2. The Robin's Gift by The Little Stitcher
3. Peacock Infinity Feather by Cross Stitch for Everyone
4. Spooky SAL 2021 by The Steady Thread
5. Mill Hill Autumn Harvest: Enchanted Moon
6. The Raven by La-D-Da
7. Mill Hill Santa Globe

2021 Wrap - Up post - from the projects I started in 2021, I can add 3 finishes, which leaves me with 46 WIPs from 2021

Simply Christmas by WBTW
stitched 2 over 2 on 28ct Lazurite by Chromatic Alchemy
with Soie Cristal green, WDW Turkish Red and Caron Snow Canary Yellow

Soccer Player by Handblessings
stitched 1 over 1 on 22ct Sky by BeStitchMe
with WDW Lavender and Ultraviolet

Stocking ornament by Jane Henderson
stitched 2 over 2 DMC 600, 602 and 603
on 28ct scrap evenweave

Exciting Finish:
Fleur de Lys
by Brodeuse Bressane
stitched 1 over 1 on 28ct linen with Caron Wildflowers in Vanilla (I think)

This one was a little difficult for me as I really am not in love with stitching on linen, especially blackwork. Having to be so careful of the threads was a bit of a pain. But I do love the finish. I left off some of the outside framework because it was tending more to Louis XIVth kind of style and I wanted it to have more of a Quebec feel. I haven't fully finished it yet, but so excited to finish this one. I started it way back in 2015.

I have a pile of the smaller projects ready to go through and see what I might be able to finish before the end of the year. I think I'm still around 90 WIPs, although I'll try and get through them and update as much as I'm able. 

I hope you all have a good holiday if you're in the US and celebrate Thanksgiving, and have a good week if you don't. :)

Happy Stitching,


Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Halloween 2023 Blog Hop

Ack! Apologies for the slight delay in posting. Here's your letter:

And make sure you start your blog hop over at Jo's blog so you can figure out her clever phrase. Hop along to the next blog here!

I did manage some new Halloween stitching this year, another fun Mill Hill kit that works into my profession as well. 
Eyeball Martini
by Mill Hill
stitched as charted with kit threads

This was a fun little stich that doesn't take much time to complete. I love the little spiders, they turned out really well. The eyeballs are nice and creepy too with the blood vessels. 

Hope you all have a great Halloween!

Happy Haunting,


Friday, April 7, 2023

Easter Blog Hop 2023

Hello! If you're hopping around for Jo's Blog Hop, don't forget to start at her blog here. If you're already hopping around, then you must be looking for your next letter:

And then you should hop along to the next blog to see their spring/Easter stitch and say "hello!

This year I started on a new project when I came across this free chart from The Steady Thread. They have amazing blackwork designs and this free chart seemed just the thing to start for this weekend. There are 4 square patterns and I've only completed one so far, but plan on completing all 4. 
Chicks! - pattern by Steady Thread
stitched 1 over 2 with Silks4U on 28ct scrap of fabric

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend whether you celebrate or not.

Happy Stitching!


Monday, February 13, 2023

Secret Stitching Sweetheart 2023

Hello again! Time once more for another blog hop. This time it's for Valentine's Day, and as always you can start out at our fabulous host Jo's blog for all the details and participants. 

I'm on the lookout for this lovely bit of stitching, so please let me know if you have any hints!

For my entry, it's not strictly Valentine or love themed, although it does have some red... but I'm shoe-horning it in because it was a gift to my SIL and it turned into a huge love of stitching for her! Especially epic Pokemon stitches. 

I took this simple pattern from Sprite Stitch, and made it into a hand towel when they moved into a new place:

She loved it so much she took up cross stitch, so I think that deserves a place here today. 

I hope you all have a wonderful day and treat yourselves to something wonderful.

Happy Stitching,


Monday, December 19, 2022

2022 Advent Calendar Blog Hop

Hello, hello! I have had almost no stitching time this year, but decided to try and at least participate in Jo's amazing Advent blog hop. 

This year she's asked us to discuss what we have for "afters" or dessert. This has changed as I've become an adult, but it was quite varied as a child. When I was young, 3 families would gather at my grandparents house for present opening and Christmas dinner (in the evening). After dinner, there would be the choice of Christmas pudding, served with brandy, pumpkin pie and the "cookie tray". If you haven't had the cookie tray, that is still my favourite part of Christmas. There are so many different varieties of cookies and squares and Grandma would start making them in early December. They'd sit out on the porch where it stayed cool all month and on Christmas Eve they'd finally start to be brought out. 

My absolute favourite cookie we called snowdrops. It was basically meringue stuffed with chocolate chips. I've tried to make them a few times, but it doesn't always come out correctly. It's supposed to sort of melt in your mouth and I have made them chewy a few times. 

As I've become an adult and live far away from my family, we tend to have squash pie made with butternut squash. Also pecan pie sometimes or vegan cheesecake with cashews. We haven't really had a cookie tray so much as generally we make gingerbread cookies, but that's about all the variety we have. Time is a big factor for me to be able to make anything. 

I can't wait to read about what everyone else has for afters!

And now to a brand new finish, almost fully finished:
Mill Hill Snow Globe
MH16-1931 Santa Globe
stitched as charted with 3 strands floss and included beads

I hope you all have a very merry holiday, however you celebrate it!

Happy Stitching and stay well!


Sunday, May 29, 2022

May Round-up 2022

A busy six weeks is behind me now and I didn't manage a ton of stitching, but I did manage a couple finishes and some progress on the larger projects. I also stopped by yet another LNS that's retiring. This is the last one that I was aware of in Vermont, USA. I've seen all of them close over the last 8 years, which has been sad to see. 

I'm attempting to stitch in a more focused way to get some more finishes before the end of the year, but also trying to continue working on the projects I'd like to finish this year. 

First, the finishes:
MH18-2121 Enchanted Moon 
stitched as charted, 3 over 1 thread and half cross and full cross for beads as charted

I picked up a few more of these small Mill Hill kits at the LNS that's closing, and I might have a chance to get there this weekend for penultimate open weekend to get some more. 

Next up I managed to finish The Raven:
The Raven by La-D-Da
stitched 1 over 1 full cross on 25ct congress cloth by Silkweavers with DMC 310

The original pattern called for different colours of grey, but I like having it just in black, like a raven. If I ever get our bookshelves organized I think this would look good in that room. Speaking of the Raven, guess who I spotted on a trip to Boston:

We just happened to be in the right area to go to a Hannah Gadsby stand up show and it was pretty amazing to see his statue.

If you recall, these 2 finishes are from Mischievous March. The other 2 are larger and I've progressed on one, but not on the other. 

Here's where my first Mischievous March start was:
and now:
Peacock Infinity Feather by CrossStitch4Everyone
stitched 1 over 1 full cross on 28ct Amethyst Spirit by Chromatic Alchemy

There aren't too many colours in this one and it's only partial coverage so I've already hit a few 0s on Pattern Keeper. That's always satisfying to know you haven't missed a stitch somewhere. 

I'm keeping up on Triumphant Ride, although not quite as far as I had initially planned. That is fine, it's been a busy, stressful time. I think the last time I posted it about it, it was here:
and now I've moved the fabric up a bit:
Triumphant Ride by Charting Creations
stitched 1 over 1 full cross on 28ct Vincent by Chromatic Alchemy
with DMC 310

I think is about 8000 stitches into it. Not quite where I planned, but a significant amount. I'll keep plugging away. 

I hope you've all been well! I'll try and keep up at least monthly posts and hope to try and get to see some of your posts now too and catch up a bit. 

Stay well and Happy Stitching!


Thursday, April 14, 2022

Easter 2022 Blog Hop

It's a long weekend in April, so you know what that means! Easter Blog Hop hosted by the indefatigable Jo! Head over to Serendipitous Stitching to start the blog off, if you're here, you're near the end!

In true Easter fashion I've stitched another bunny, although this one was finished late last year and I never showed the full finish on my blog. Here it is!
Easter Freebie by Erica Michaels through Rainbow Gallery's website
stitched 2 over 1 with Carrie's Creations Jellyfish for the border and unknown Dinky Dyes for the bunny, Glinda the Good by Jodyri for the ears, WDW Purple Haze for the eyes, 
WDW Camellia for the nose, and an unknown for the blue/green background 
on 16ct or 18ct light blue aida

And of course you're here for your letter so you know how to finish off this year's clever phrase. Not just to ooh and aah over my finish. :)

Head back to Jo's blog to finish off and let her know your guess!

Happy Easter and/or long weekend to everyone and stay well. 

Happy Stitching!


Focus on a Finish? 2023

Hello everyone and thank you for your lovely comments on my Halloween blog hop post. The stitchy bug is biting again, possibly because I jus...