Monday, December 19, 2022

2022 Advent Calendar Blog Hop

Hello, hello! I have had almost no stitching time this year, but decided to try and at least participate in Jo's amazing Advent blog hop. 

This year she's asked us to discuss what we have for "afters" or dessert. This has changed as I've become an adult, but it was quite varied as a child. When I was young, 3 families would gather at my grandparents house for present opening and Christmas dinner (in the evening). After dinner, there would be the choice of Christmas pudding, served with brandy, pumpkin pie and the "cookie tray". If you haven't had the cookie tray, that is still my favourite part of Christmas. There are so many different varieties of cookies and squares and Grandma would start making them in early December. They'd sit out on the porch where it stayed cool all month and on Christmas Eve they'd finally start to be brought out. 

My absolute favourite cookie we called snowdrops. It was basically meringue stuffed with chocolate chips. I've tried to make them a few times, but it doesn't always come out correctly. It's supposed to sort of melt in your mouth and I have made them chewy a few times. 

As I've become an adult and live far away from my family, we tend to have squash pie made with butternut squash. Also pecan pie sometimes or vegan cheesecake with cashews. We haven't really had a cookie tray so much as generally we make gingerbread cookies, but that's about all the variety we have. Time is a big factor for me to be able to make anything. 

I can't wait to read about what everyone else has for afters!

And now to a brand new finish, almost fully finished:
Mill Hill Snow Globe
MH16-1931 Santa Globe
stitched as charted with 3 strands floss and included beads

I hope you all have a very merry holiday, however you celebrate it!

Happy Stitching and stay well!


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