2012 Completions

Starting from the end of 2012 and journeying to the start of the year

12 Days of Xmas (Cross Stitch for the Holidays)
Happy Stitchmas (Abi Gurden)
Ruffle scarf

Xmas Tree ornament (Mill Hill kit)
First Bass (Ink Circles)
Xmas Scarf
At the Fair (Stoney Creek)
Flower coaster
Cyberman coaster (Hancock's House of Happy)
stunt stitching Sally (Permin)
Come to the Dark Side (Dork Stitch)
Snow People Friends plastic canvas kit
Angelic Melody (Dimensions Gold Collection)
Pog mo thoin (Kincavel Krosses)
2012 Band Sampler (Kincavel Krosses)
Easter eggs (can't remember)
Quaker Easter Egg (Kincavel Krosses)
Life's a Stitch (Lizzie Kate)
St. Patrick's chart (Lizzie Kate)
Christmas Tree (skitzzzzz)
Heart of my Heart (Abi Gurden)
Don't Make Me Kill You (Kincavel Krosses)
Rose coaster (magazine)

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