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New Start - Princess and the Dragon - EDIT

I did it! Another new start. I'm happy I stuck with my goal of finishing 2 more projects before I started this one. This is after 3 days of stitching:
EDIT - 1 over 1 DMC 310 on 28 count Jazlyn in colour Amarinthine by Chromatic Alchemy
I'm starting in the middle on this one because I'm paranoid I'll miscount on my fabric like I almost did on Dog Lessons. This is the start of the dragon and one paw. I plan on stitching one page at a time-ish. 
By that I mean I'll extend bits that don't fit on the page, like a few of his fingers on the top claw that isn't stitched yet, and his spikes extend across a few pages. I've already extended his neck out to the end instead of stopping at the page break. 
I hope to get about one page done per week. This week might take a little longer because I've come down with either bad allergies or a cold. 
Happy Stitching everyone!

Box of Delights is Complete!

I'm very happy to announce I finished Box of Delights last night. I stayed up only a little later than usual to finish off the last box. Unfortunately I didn't get a great close-up photo with my phone, it really washed out all the colours and seems to have an unfortunate pink cast to the whole photo. 

The whole piece shows off the colours much better. 

This was a good adventure for me. I mostly enjoyed it, but I did find having to outline the borders and boxes got repetitive. I'm not saying blackwork isn't for me or anything, but it got to be somewhat of a slog near the end. I really liked the process of picking out colours, and it's possible it only felt like a drag at the end because I'm so excited to start my next project. :)
I do think my next blackwork piece, Fleur de Lys by Brodeuse Bressane, is a little smaller and definitely has more variation, so I hope to enjoy it more. That will be in 2016, so you'll have to stay tuned for that one. 
Happy Stitching!

WIP Wednesday - So close...

Things have been busy so I haven't had as much time to stitch at night as I would like since I'd really love to get Box of Delights finished! 

I have 4/6 of the last part complete:

I found a box of threads I'd been keeping for another variegated project, so these are some of my favourites so far. I have 2 more to go and I'm hoping for a finish tonight. My MIL is visiting, so it may or may not happen, but I really hope so. 
I have Friday off so I'm keeping that as my day to start Princess and the Dragon if I don't have the chance to start Thursday. 
Happy Stitching!

Top 10 Tuesdays - Fears!

Check out Kate's blog where she's hosting Top 10 Tuesdays and join us!

So fears, I have a few easy ones, but coming up with 10 will be a bit of a challenge for me. Let's see where we get to.


1. Drowning - especially in ice

I've had a long time fear of drowning ever since I was a small child. There could be a couple reasons for it. I watched a "scary" movie when I was supposed to be in bed, and a swimmer was caught under a hard cover in the pool and it was a very tense moment. I feel like it's possible the swimmer survived after all, but the fear is still there. 

Another time I was horsing around with my siblings in the pool and was being kept under as a joke, and I'm sure I wasn't close to drowning, but I started to panic, so the fear could come from that as well. 

I'm, or I was, a decent swimmer. I was on the swim team all throughout elementary school and some of high school as well and we had a in-ground pool while I was growing up. 

I'm …

IHSW Part 2 - August Conclusion

I didn't meet my goal of finishing Box of Delights, but it's really close! I only have one more part to go. This is part 5:

And the whole thing so far:

I ended up being a little distracted after I discovered this website full of great recipes. Of course I had to try some of the no-bakes out since it's still pretty hot up here and so far everything has turned out really well! 
I hope everyone had a great IHSW! 
Happy Stitching and see you tomorrow for Top Ten Tuesdays - Fears,

Stitch From Stash Part B - August Edition - Update!

Month:     $25 for August
Spent:      $16 at The Wooden Needle
                 $6 at Charting Creations
Earned:    $14 for Midnight Manor
                 $14 for Dog Lessons
Carryover:$23 from July
Total: $54 to carryover into September

This is my second SFS post and if I can improve it in any way, please let me know! I'm really happy to be so far into the black. I think if I can keep it this way I'll be in for a nice splurge at the end of the year. 

I purchased these at The Wooden Needle in Stowe, Vermont:

And I purchased the companion piece to The Princess and the Dragon:

The Triumphant Ride:

I'd like to stitch it on a new colour Chromatic Alchemy came out with, Vincent. It's so new it's not on her website yet, but I think I need it for this one! The owners of both stores were nice enough to show me an overlay:

Isn't that awesome?? I love it and can't wait to get there. But Princess and the Dragon will be first on Chromatic Alchem…

WIP Wednesdays

Box of Delights is moving along well and I'm hoping for another finish over this IHSW weekend (part 2). 

I had to start a new skein of DMC 820 since I ran out of the one that was bobbined. They were purchased at the same time and I don't think I'm seeing any colour change, so that's a good thing. Only 4 and a bit more boxes and a little bit of border and then the filling in will begin. 
I'll admit to stitching less than normal the last few days since it's been incredibly hot and humid and I haven't felt up to stitching. It's supposed to cool down Friday though, and rain, so staying in to stitch sounds like a good idea. 
I hope you're all having a good stitchy week!

Top Ten Tuesdays: Choose Your Own Theme Day - better photos

Check out Top Ten Tuesdays with Kate at The Suddenly Kate Show and join us for a weekly top 10 post!

This week we got to choose our own theme, and I got busy and almost forgot, so I went to my garden for inspiration again. 

This week it's the top 10 blooms in my garden. I took most of the photos in twilight, so I apologize that they're dark. If I get home early enough I'll get new ones up tonight. 

10. Sebum (I think) that grows in the back garden. It's spread really well and has kind of interesting flowers. 

9. Hydrangea - Annabelle. We inherited this bush with the house and it's nice. I'm somewhat blasé about hydrangeas though. I like the colourful ones, but these are just nice. 

8. Blanket Flower aka "pom-pom flower" and I may be the only one that calls them that. When all the petals fall off you're left with a pom-pom in the middle, so that's why I call them pom-poms. I really like this flower, but it didn't make it through winter last year…

IHSW the Conclusion - August Edition

It happened, a finish!

A couple close-ups of Dog Lessons:

I reversed the colours on this. It's charted as white with blue stripes, but I thought blue with white striped tied in a little better to the paws in the title. 

I'm so happy my modifications worked out and this looks like a basset. I wasn't confident in my ability to modify LK's great charting. 
This means 15/30 of my Crazy January Challenge projects are complete! That's a huge milestone for me. Because I also signed up to Debbie's Ultimate Crazy January Challenge I have 15 more projects to work on. Not to mention the new starts. 

Box of Delights is next up. I left it here last:

and I'll be finishing it before I start my new start - Princess and the Dragon from Charting Creations. 
I hope everyone had a great IHSW and don't forget to check everyone's progress here.
Happy Stitching,

A Finish Over IHSW?

I'm well on my way to finishing Dog Lessons. I think I may even get back to Box of Delights this weekend.

We'll see what the weekend brings and I hope you all have a great IHSW - part 1

Happy Stitching,


WIP Wednesday and IHSW

Joyce over at Random Ramblings is progressing beautifully on her Serengeti Chatelaine Mandala and she's hosting IHSW this weekend and next! I definitely agree that we should take advantage of 5 weekends in a month to make 2 of them IHSW. Especially since I have to work this weekend so there won't be as much hermitting and stitching as there will be next weekend. 

I'm hoping by the end of the second hermit-and-stitch weekend I can finish my 2 current WIPs, Dog Lessons and Box of Delights.

Dog Lessons is moving along well and I managed to sub WDW Grasshopper for the WDW Moss. I don't think I can really tell much difference between them. 

I am using the loop start and stitching continuously instead of one stitch at a time, so that might be helping it blend better. 
My next new start is calling to me, but I will resist until I finish these 2. If I can stick to finish 2 before I start 1 then maybe in several years I'll finish all of my UFOs. :)
Happy Stitching,

Turtle Trot - August Edition

It's Turtle Trot time again! I've heard nothing from our host, Claudette of BAP Attack, and I hope all is well and she's just taking a break. The goal is to work on 10 big projects throughout the year so that they progress somewhat. I decided to use Turtle Trot to focus on projects that I hoped to finish and I've been doing well. Check out my Turtle Trot tab for everything that has been finished so far. 

On to the projects that I worked on this month:

4. The Good Life is finished!

14. Midnight Manor is finished! Glow in the dark photo:

15. Butterfly Quote got a little love from here:
to here:
and 2. Dog Lessons is almost complete as well:

and I need to add 1 more project to my list of 10 WIPs for Turtle Trot:
Song of the Weather afghan:
I might complete 2 more TT projects this year which would mean my 10 for next year are already selected. I like the idea of adding more WIPs as I finish the 10 I started with and I hope to see Claudette back online soon, or hear she's doing o…