Friday, May 17, 2019

People's Choice SAL - Flowers

The People's Choice SAL is a way to show off some current project or finishes that you can fit into the heading. This is, as usual, hosted by the indefatigable Jo of Serendipitious Stitching. I'm a little late to the game with this one, but you can still see everyone's posts at her post here.

I've gone through all of the photo albums and pulled out photos that have flowers. This is my earliest ever WIP, which you can probably tell by looking:
It's stamped and I really don't like it all that much, so haven't gone back to it in years. It's something my parents gave me in high school I think, so we're talking a good 25 years ago now. 

Welcome signs by Pine Glen Designs (2010)

These were a choose your own palette free design back when the Online Needlework Show was a bigger deal than it is now. They were fun stitches and I gave one to my parents and one to my Grandma. 

It turns out a lot of my flower stitching is for my Mom or Grandma. This little yellow rose was made into a coaster for my Grandma: 

And this one was for my Mom, Dimensions? Morning Glories and Hummingbird, something like that:

In 2012 I finished this for a coworker leaving our office: (LK)
And I think this was a Bent Creek? Easter one for my Grandma, also 2012
 And again in 2012 I sent this little flower, which I stitched with waste canvas onto felt (so annoying!) to a friend of my Grandma:
It was from a Christmas magazine, maybe one of the bigger Xmas collection ones. 

 And do Lazy Daisy stitches count as flowers? This is my first ever attempt :)
A fun blackwork tulip from Jodyri Designs:

This is one of the few flower designs I've stitched for myself and this welcome sign still hangs near our door. It was a freebie design from one of the French sites. 

And do silk roses count? or Spiderweb roses? :) These were my first attempts. I really liked them, the instructions (Mabel's Fancies) were easy to follow and I think they turned out well.

This was from 2015 I think, again a gift for my Grandma, one of the dimensions kits:

And here's one of my most favourite flower photos I've ever taken:

I hope you enjoyed all the photos, thanks for making it through if you did!

Happy Stitching!


Monday, April 29, 2019

Gifted Gorgeousness 2019 - April Edition

I'm getting my GG post in right before the deadline this month! The draft was sitting there in my unfinished posts, just waiting for me to get back to it. Here we are, and I do have some fun things to share this month!

Number one is a finish!! I've been keeping this off social media so far, but I managed to finish Tribal Dragon!
Tribal Dragon by White Willow Stitching
Stitched 1 over 1 on 25ct pewter Lugana with Waterlilies/Kreinik and Soie Cristal threads

I haven't fully finished it yet of course, but I'm very happy with the finish. I definitely owe it to the FB School of Magical Stitches group as it's really helping me get more stitching done this year. Once I get it put together, possibly a pillow? This will be for DD. 

Fleur de lis - for DH
 Fleur-de-lis by Brodeuse Bressane
Stitched 1 over 1 on 32 ct royal blue linen with Soie Cristal or Waterlilies (unlabelled)

I restarted this one because I had used satin threads initially and I didn't like how messy it looked. I think this is much cleaner looking and I love using the silk thread as well. 

Full Moon - DD
Full Moon by Cute Patterns by Maria
Stitched 2 over 2 with charted DMC on 28ct Lazurite by Chromatic Alchemy

This is such a fun one and when DD was younger she loved Le Petit Prince and his fox and eventually there will be a fox beside this witch. :)

Princess and the Dragon - DD
 Princess and the Dragon by Charting Creations
Stitched 1 over 1 DMC 310 on 28ct Amarinthine by Chromatic Alchemy

Butterfly Quote - DD
 Butterfly Quote by Jodyri Designs
Stitched 2 over 2 on 14 ct unknown fabric with Jodyri Pink Laydee and Sparkling Citrine

Ocean's Curiosity - DD 
Ocean's Curiosity by Who Knew!?
Stitched 2 over 1 on 16ct fabric by Colour Cascade Fabrics

A friend lent me this OOP chart and I'd like to finish it this year too so I can get it back to her again. It's been a couple years. Fortunately, she has enough stash to keep her going for a while as well. 

A Kiss for a Snowman - DD
 A Kiss for a Snowman by Dimensions
Stitched as charted on 16ct Aida that came in the kit
 Stitched 1 over 1 tent stitch on 32 ct evenweave and not much to see yet!

Joy Snowglobe - DD
Joy Snowglobe kit, as charted on plastic canvas

April Flip It - Grandma
April Flip-It by Lizzie Kate
Stitched 1 over 1 or 2 over 1 (because I kept forgetting I was stitching 1 over 1) on 22 ct ivory hardanger

I've listed all my projects as they were as of April 15th. I hope you all have had a good month and Happy Stitching!


Wednesday, April 24, 2019

School of Magical Stitches and Literature Year 3, Week 9

I've been trying to get this post up for a few days now, let's see if I can manage it today. :)

It's week 9 and this week the Whomping Willow, a tree that's not quite sentient, but lives up to its name, has been quite annoyed by students going too close to it, and testing out the magic knot that makes it stop flailing its branches around. Also, a secret room has been discovered in a tunnel under the tree! Therefore, this week, we need to stitch on two separate tasks. This first can be done a couple ways.

Task 1 - Option A
Stitch 300 stitches on a tree, grass or shrubs, actually on that item, not just a project that includes those items

Task 1 - Option B
Stitch 300 stitches with green thread. 

Task 2 
Stitch 300 stitching on a building (not just a project with a building)

The alternative, which is new this week, is to stitch 450 stitches on 2 projects of your choice. I think it can be the same project, but you have to explain how you did not upset the Whomping Willow and how you did not let the secret out. 

I think I'd like to work on the 300 stitches tasks because then I'll have more time for the extra credit stitching. 

My thoughts, well, a finish now really, for the first task were to pull out Do Not Meddle, which was last here:
Do Not Meddle on 28 ct Monaco with charted DMC 1 over 1
And is now here:
after over 300 stitches of DMC 890, a pretty dark green. I think this will help with the rest of the dragon too with the outline started. 

For task 2, I don't have a lot of building options. There's one in Ballerina Dreams that I'm just getting started with:
Ignore the stitching, I'm mostly to the brown wall behind the girl as you can see here:
So this is an option for building, also the Ocean Curiosity has this castle thing on the far right:
I'm just not sure if it's 300 stitches because the rocks may not count. Plus it would involve some very good counting given that I'm only this far on the mermaid:

There's also a chance I could get out the Sleigh Ride Stocking and start on the church. That would take careful counting again, but should be possible. 
I'm only here, but the circular part is just a bit above the church steeple, so a possibility:

Two of these are larger kits that could definitely use some love. If you have any other ideas, please let me know! 

Happy Stitching,


Friday, April 19, 2019

Easter Treasure Blog Hop 2019

Hello everyone! Happy Easter! Please check out Jo's blog for the list of everyone participating.

Here is your letter:

And please visit Sheryl at Sewing After Seven for your next letter. 

I was trying in vain to finish a little LK Easter Flip-it, but didn't quite manage it. 

Instead, please enjoy this blast from the past, Somebunny!
Stitched as charted from WOXS 2 over 1 on Aether 28ct Lugana by Chromatic Alchemy

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Happy Stitching,


Tuesday, April 16, 2019

School of Magical Stitches and Literature Year 3, Week 8

This week's homework will be a little tricky!

We have a few different options this week. The easy/safe options are to pick one store in the nearby wizarding town of Hogsmeade and stitch 1000 stitches on a project that fits the description. The even easier option, in that you don't have to try and be creative with how to fit your project into a category, is to stay back at Hogwarts school and not go on a field trip, and stitch 1500 stitches on whatever project you want. 

The more difficult, and also worth extra bonus points option is to try and find a way to stitch something that relates to each store in Hogsmeade and stitch 100 stitches per project, and there's 5 bonus points if you manage all 10. So you get 10 points each for option 1 or 2, or 25 possible points for option 3. Obviously, I'd like to go for option 3, but trying to fit this in might be a challenge. 

Hogsmeade Store List:
1) Dervish and Banges - Magical Equipment
2) Gladrags Wizardwear- Clothing (done!)
3) The Hog’s Head -Pub
4) Hogsmeade Station -Rail Station
5) Honeydukes Sweetshop- Candy (done!)
6) Madam Puddifoot’s -Tea Shop (done!)
7) Scivenshaft’s Quill Shop - Quills and Stationary (done!)
8) The Shrieking Shack - Abandoned Building 
9) The Three Broomsticks - Pub
10) Zonko’s Joke Shop - Joke Items 

I actually made an attempt on this last night, and managed to find a way to fit an Easter design (that I'm not showing till this Sunday) 

The idea is, be creative with how you got to each shop/area and what you purchased or found there. Some people are weaving stories to interconnect everything. So far, on the few I finished, I've just added sentences. Here's where I'm at:

1) Dervish and Banges - you can find magical equipment here, so I'm thinking I can stitch on Full Moon and say it's because of the lunascope I found in this shop. 

2) Gladrags Wizard Wear - The Easter stitch has a hat on it, so I'm using that as part of this shop, so 100 stitches done already. 

3) The Hog's Head - a local, kind of sketchy, pub

I don't have a lot of stitches that have food or drink on them, or unusual, shifty, magical characters, so I'm not sure what to stitch for this one yet. 

4) Hogsmeade Station - railway station

I don't have anything with trains on it, although I could start Hogwarts in a Bottle, it's an amazing pattern, see Rachel's post, or if you can find a way to talk about trains, like you went on a date with someone you met on the train, that that might work too. 

5) Honeydukes Sweet Shop - candy!

Again, I will use the Easter project, and I'm saying I found these delicious candied flowers there. 

6) Madam Puddifoot's Tea House - I'm going to use the Easter pattern again here for the beautiful floral displays on each table ;)

7) Scivenshaft's Quill Shop - you can find quills and parchment here, the Easter pattern has a bird, so I'm going to point out this bird donated some feathers for quills

8) Shrieking Shack - since this is the most haunted site in Britain, I thought I'd get out my Happy Halloween since it has a ghost on it. 

9) Three Broomsticks - inn and pub

I'm a bit lost on what to stitch for this one as well. If I had something with drinks, that would be easy, but I don't. You can weave a yarn about going to Butterbeer (kids drink) with friends, but then you need a project with friends as well. I don't think i really have that either

10) Zonko's Joke Shop - fairly self-explanatory as well, and I'm not sure what to stitch for this either. I was debating about getting out one of my subversive or joke patterns. I have this one to stitch for friends:

If you have any ideas or suggestions, small new starts work too, then please let me know. I'm enjoying the challenge and don't mind a new start if necessary ;) You can find my WIPs here

Happy Stitching!


Sunday, April 14, 2019

People's Choice SAL - April Edition - Specialty Stitches

Only a week late this time for Jo's great People's Choice SAL. This month we're talking about specialty stitches. I do enjoy these, although wish I could do them a bit quicker.

I've done a few projects with specialty stitches and finished all but one I think.

Lakeside Needlecraft Specialty Stitches SAL by Durene Jones (2017)
Stitched with Chromatic Alchemy special edition thread on 28ct Realgar 

This SAL was a lot of fun, and I even stayed up with the weekly updates and got it finished in good time. I like using the thread to turn it into something interesting. 

Hardanger Cross (2017)
Hardanger cross modified from Hardanger Anchor designed by Mabel Figworthy's Fancies (free)

This was a gift for a good friend that was baptized. He invited everyone to his baptism, and it happened in the local lake, it was quite a sight!

Autumn Elegance (2016)

Stitched with Caron Watercolours on 22 ct ivory hardanger

This was completed for a friend, and the chart called for Autumn colours. I found these four colours that I thought worked well together and finished this as a pillow. It's mostly bargello

Homeward Trail (2015)
Stitched on 28 ct blue fabric, unknown type as charted

This has a cross stitch center piece, but there is a ton of specialty stitches to it as well. I started it in 2012 and managed to finish it 3 years late. It is one of the projects I'm most proud of completing

Box of Delights by Elizabeth Almond (2015)
 Stitched on 25ct Pewter Lugana with DMC 823 for outlines and various other colours for the "delights"

This has yet to be turned into anything, and it should make an easy pillow, so maybe with Rachel's Fully Finished Gallery I can get a move on with this one. :)

Song of the Weather Hardanger SAL by Mabel Figworthy's Fancies

I completed this one with various Watercolours and Wildflowers on 18 count Anne Cloth. I backed it with black fabric and it is now a lap quilt. It was fun to complete, and interesting to learn the stitches, although the wrapping of the bars did tend to make my hand cramp. I was likely doing it too tightly. 

As for my current WIP, I'm trying to finish Fleur-de-Lis by Brodeuse Bressane:
28ct blue linen with unknown Soie Cristale I think

I'm trying to stitch this in the colours of the Quebec flag, and I think it looks pretty nice now that I've changed the colours. I had started with satin DMC, and that seemed a little too much. I'm liking this so far. 

Also, I have a long-neglected UFO, the Tree of Stitches by Abi Gurden:
This has been stitched with various DMC variations on 28ct fabric. Again unknown, possibly cream Monaco, etc. I haven't touched this in about 7 years I think. 

I hope you all have specialty stitches attempts to share as well! 

Happy Stitching,


People's Choice SAL - Flowers

The People's Choice SAL is a way to show off some current project or finishes that you can fit into the heading. This is, as usual, host...