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Halloween Trick or Treat Blog Hop!

It's time for another one of Jo's awesome blog hops! This one will be extra mysterious since it's Halloween right? ;)

Your letter is:
And your next destination is the marvelous, magnificent Mii Stitch!

I plan to have Durene Jone's bat complete soon, but here's the latest WIP photo just in case!
and the finish!

Check out all the fun at Jo's blog, Serendipitous Stitching

Happy Hopping! 


Almost There!

I'm so close to finishing the bat I haven't worked on Somebunny as much this weekend. 

See for yourselves!


One more colour complete and here:
DD didn't nap, so I didn't quite get this one finished off. I think I might be able to tonight and have it ready for Jo's Halloween Hop! Fingers crossed!
Happy Stitching,

Halloween Stitching and Somebunny Moving Along

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a good weekend. We started off last night with Trunk or Treat at the local elementary school. I think the idea behind it is you take your little children around and people give out candy from their trunks instead of taking them out on Halloween night. 

I have a feeling that as DD ages it will be Trunk or Treat and Halloween every year. :) For now she's small enough that we'll just go around our neighbourhood on Halloween night. 

There were a lot of fun activities and snacks, etc. in the school gym, and I think DD was a little overwhelmed, but she still enjoyed herself. Her costume is this:

She chose it herself and she's a dinosaur, in case you can't tell if it's a dragon or dinosaur. She has a toy dinosaur with almost exactly the same colouring, it's really interesting actually how that worked out. 

On to stitching! 

Halloween is creeping up on me and I still have 8 photos to show! Let's start with:

24. Boo House

I had to g…

Updates and TBT Halloween Stitching

Thank you everyone for your comments about photos, it's good to know more is better as long as they're all resized easily to different devices. I definitely appreciate your feedback!

And now the bad news. As I was editing the photos and moving them to the correct album, then trying to delete them from the wrong album, they were deleted completely! Except fortunately Google Photos is used to people like me, so they can be recovered from the Trash folder for up to 60 days. Phew.... that was an unpleasant start to the morning.

Here's Somebunny from my last post:
and now:

That's the start of the awesome purple boots with white polka dots. I didn't have as much time to stitch because I worked on some Halloween projects too. 

20. Durene Jones Bat has progressed:

21. Boo House has a new corn stalk started:

22. Halloween Monster is fully finished!
I backed him onto some thick DMC felt. The monster was stitched with WDW Meadow, WDW Okeefeenokee for the mouth and hair, DMC 414 for h…

Somebunny Update and Halloween Stitching

I hope you all had a good weekend! Work was crazy yesterday and we're still dealing with computer issues at home, so I wasn't able to get my post up. 

I'm pretty happy with the progress on Somebunny though. It started here in January:

and after Sunday night was here:

and after last night it's here:
I'm stitching 2 over 2 with recommended DMC on 28 ct Aether Lugana from Chromatic Alchemy. It has a subtle blue/pink tone to it. I'm fairly certain I can have this finished and framed by DD's birthday. It will be close to 7 inches square when completed, so an 8x8 frame should work well. That is fairly easy to find at the local stores. 

I also pulled out more Halloween stitching and have a new start!

17. Bat by Durene Jones

This is a free pattern on her Facebook page and I'm using the recommended DMC threads, stitching 2 over 1 on 16 or 18 count scrap Aida. I couldn't resist how cute this one is. I was tentatively considering finishing him for a party last Friday…

Halloween Progress and a late TBT

This is a quick post, just an update on my Halloween stitching and an oldie, plus the reveal of my new start from this post

14. Halloween monster
the darker green is WDW Okeefenokee, love that colour and name!
15. Boo House moving along!
16. Backyard Fence by Handblessings from JCS - completed 2015

WDW Jack O'Lantern and black to complete this one. :)

And my new start that still looks like this:

Happy Halloween by Satsuma Street!

It won't be complete until next year, but starting it was fun!

Happy Stitching!


Halloween Stitching and a Crazy Idea, Plus Giveaway at Crafty Sasha

I hope everyone has been having a good stitchy week! Things are busy as always, but fortunately stitching is always there to save my sanity. :) And there's creative people like Crafty Sasha always thinking up new gadgets I want need. She's having a giveaway of needle minders right now, so check it out if you're interested. 

First let me catch you up on my Halloween stitching photos!

Halloween Monster by Heart in Hand

almost done the WDW Meadow for his face and neck!

12. Boo House

Getting a move on this one as well, in fact, this is only Tuesday's photo, after last night I'm here:

13. Boo House

If possible I like to try and stitch these one colour at a time and then take the threads of the completed colour out of the thread pile and put them in the front of the kit section so they don't get all tangled up. 

I think I've finished 6 colours now. I still think this could be a Halloween finish. :)

On to my crazy idea! 

I've been thinking if I really buckle down I …

Gifted Gorgeousness - October Edition

Yikes! I'm 2 days late for GG this month! I will admit to being a little busy with the continued electrical breakdowns from the tree falling on the power lines, plus hosting Canadian Thanksgiving yesterday, but now it's time for the more important things, like stitching! 

Hosted by the splendiferous Jo of Serendipitous Stitching, this is where we try and post about all the projects we've worked on that are gifts in some way. Whether we're doing the gifting or received the gift, our monthly post is supposed to be on the 15th of every month. 

This month I have 2 finishes sort of that I was working on last month:

Rejoice Tree 

I ran out of floss to do the final curlicues on the Rs, but I like the look anyway. I stitched this 3 over 1 on 14 ct aida with Waterlilies Nefertiti. The beads are some petite Mill Hill gold beads I had in my stash. 

Letters From Nora - S

This will be for DD, and all the cross stitch is done! It just needs beads after I finish H and G. Speaking of which,…

IHSW - October Conclusion and Halloween Stitching Update, Plus 2017 Plans

I hope everyone had a good weekend of hermitting and stitching! Head over to Joyce's blog, Random Ramblings to see how everyone did over the (maybe) first IHSW of October. We might have 2 since there are 5 weekends in October! 

Since I posted on Saturday I managed to work on all 3 current focus projects and start a new one... 

Halloween Stitching first!

7. Monster update, was here after Saturday afternoon:
8. and now:

I'm stitching with WDW Meadow right now and his nose was WDW Foliage. I try to get at least one thread in a night. 

9. Boo House was here:
and now:

I think I might actually try and finish this one by Halloween to match my other Mill Hill Halloween kit.

10. New start - any guesses?

I'm not giving you much to go on, but if anyone actually guesses correctly, I'll send you a little something. :)

And a little more progress on Vermont:

That's the top of the M, and you can almost tell an apple will go in the middle of the O. :) 

Also, we've had more aftershocks from …