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Top 5 Cold Palliatives and Updates

I hope everyone is feeling well! I'm suffering through a fall cold and have been since Friday. We had a big party Friday night for our new deck and gazebo and my birthday and the gazebo turned out really well! 

DH built it mostly by himself, although had some help from friends and my BIL to get it done in time. It was a good thing too since it poured that night! We have a small house, so can't really fit everyone in there, but we had the gazebo and 2 canopies and that helped a lot. 
I haven't had much time to do stitching because I'd been baking, trying out recipes, and cleaning to get everything ready in time. I do have one small finish so far that fits in the September Smalls theme:
This is a Brooke's Books freebie with WDW Autumn Leaves and I can't remember the name of the brown colour. We can pretend I planned it like that and it wasn't a "fix" when I ran out of Autumn Leaves, right? ;)
I have stitched another one, but apparently don't have an…

The Results Are In!

Here we go, the results are in and here is what I stitched on in August. Thank you again all for guessing and I think we have plenty of charts to go around. :) I'm happy to sub something out if needed as well. 


1. Princess and the Dragon

A fair bit of progress on this one, although I think it might be getting put away for the rest of the year so I can get some Xmas stitching done. 

2. Mini Winter Magic

A partial page finish means this one has reached the end of one side! This is the most complete any of my HAEDs are, which is maybe a little sad, but at least this one has seen real progress in the last year. 

4. Do Not Meddle

You might be thinking it hasn't really changed, and you're kind of correct, except I had been stitching this horizontally on a long piece of fabric and now it's going to be more vertical. This is stunt stitching for someone who can't really stitch anymore and her choice was a vertical hanging, so I frogged the original stitching and re-did most o…

Thank You and Long Weekend!

Thank you all for participating in my giveaway and guessing game! I will go over the results and try and get a post up tonight with the winners. Here's a little hint for now:
there's a little bling on the chest if you can see it ;)

It's Labour Day weekend here so I'm also planning on working on some desserts this weekend. We have a get-together planned for next weekend and I'd like to experiment on some healthy desserts. I plan on attempting pavlova, so wish me luck!

My goal is to use only natural sugars, honey, maple syrup, etc. in a few things and see if they're something other people will eat as well. I might have some more traditional, possible store-bought stuff and my creations, just to be sure. I know that as my tastes have changed with decreasing my sugar intake, I find I'm a little overly sensitive to sugar and other people need a little more. 

I'd never heard of Pavlova before watching the Bake off show

and I've recently been watching the Comic…