The Results Are In!

Here we go, the results are in and here is what I stitched on in August. Thank you again all for guessing and I think we have plenty of charts to go around. :) I'm happy to sub something out if needed as well. 


1. Princess and the Dragon

A fair bit of progress on this one, although I think it might be getting put away for the rest of the year so I can get some Xmas stitching done. 

2. Mini Winter Magic

A partial page finish means this one has reached the end of one side! This is the most complete any of my HAEDs are, which is maybe a little sad, but at least this one has seen real progress in the last year. 

4. Do Not Meddle

You might be thinking it hasn't really changed, and you're kind of correct, except I had been stitching this horizontally on a long piece of fabric and now it's going to be more vertical. This is stunt stitching for someone who can't really stitch anymore and her choice was a vertical hanging, so I frogged the original stitching and re-did most of it. 

5. Tribal Dragon

I included a couple pictures of this one because I'm so happy with my progress! I think this or the spider could be a finish this year with another 1-2 weeks of work. There is metallic on the underbelly and I love the effect! I'll get a close-up photo at some point if you can't really tell on these ones. 

7. Dragon Dreams Dragonlets of Xmas

Day 3 (3 French hens ;) ) complete and Day 4 with some nice progress.

That means I worked on WIPs 1,2,4,5,7 if you're counting along. :)

New Starts

2. Messy But Mine

I'm stitching this one on Chromatic Alchemy Nimbus 18 count I think. It was an off cut and I don't remember for sure now. 

I had a lot of fun working on all my dragons this week and once I got into Tribal Dragon I couldn't put it down! I did like having one smallish new start though. Great guess by Leonore to get that one, the only person who guessed my new start correctly. I would have loved to start all of them, but apparently I'm wising up in my old age ;)

By my count, Kerry had the most correct with 4, then Jo with 3, followed by Vickie, Lesley, Leonore and Justine tied at 2 and Faith and Preeti with 1 each. 

I'll be sending emails to all of you, starting with Kerry and Jo, and since there are so many ties, everyone will get at least one chart! 

Happy Stitching and have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Congrats to the winners and lovely stitching Tiffany.


  2. Great fun and lovely stitching:)

  3. Great work on your Dragon month! Well done to all the winners too.

    1. You have gotten lots of stitching done this week for sure. I love all your designs. Great job.

  4. You are making good progress on your projects. I like all of them

  5. That was a very successful month, wasn't it? So much dragon stitching. I do love the little dragons on your 12 Days, such a super cute design idea.
    Congratulations to the winners.

  6. Congratulations to the winners, beautiful progress, I am jealous.


  7. Wonderful progress on your projects, Tiff! Congratulations to you and the winners as well!!

  8. Congrats to the winners. Just love all your progress!! The Tribal Dragon looks just amazing!!

  9. I just love the Princess and the Dragon! Can you tell me who the designer is? thanks ;)

    Congrats to the big winners; Kerry and Jo and to you too Tiffany for stitching on so many pieces!

  10. Beautiful progress! Congrats on the page finish on Mini Winter Magic. These are all fabulous. Lovely stitching!

  11. Congratulations to the winners and YAY, so many dragons!

  12. Love you WIPs - well done! All those dragons... :o) Your new start is just gorgeous. :o)

  13. So many great dragons! I love your progress and start, that underbeally really does look amazing.

  14. So glad to see Mini Winter Magic getting some love, I really like this one.

    Thanks for such a fun competition!


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