Friday, September 29, 2017

Very Late Theme-tas-Stitch and Feeling Sorry for Myself

Theme-tas-stitch is hosted by the wonderful Kerry and check out all the info at her blog here. I've been really enjoying the SAL all year and have been happy to be able to use her themes to progress along in all my stitching. 

This past month was September Smalls and I switched up my usual rotation to get a few things done. I also had almost no stitching time at the start of the month, so that kind of made BAP week disappear anyway. 

The smalls I worked on this month are:

Palko-lap's September
 stitched with Jodryi Greed from her Seven Deadly sins thread series on Chromatic Alchemy Nimbus? (from a card pack, so not sure the name or count)

Cross for Baptism
A cross for a Baptism on 22 ct hardanger with Caron Watercolours Vanilla and a whitish Wildflowers. I modified this chart from an anchor freebie on Mabel Figworthy's Fancies

Totally Nuts from JCS October 2015 on L'Amour by Chromatic Alchemy

 the stitching was complete on this one last year and I kept putting off turning it into a needle book because I'd never made one and was letting myself be intimidated by it. Now I've finished! And I've learned a lot, like to make a 2nd side!!

Brooke's Books freebie
I turned this into a card, but my exchange partner has yet to post a photo and I forgot to take one, so I'll try and update my blog when I have a new photo. 

And now, why I've been feeling sorry for myself. I had some pain in my hip in August and wasn't sure what was going on. I had a doctor's appointment coming up, so I waited to see her and she diagnosed bursitis in my hip. It hasn't really gone away yet, despite taking anti-inflammatories. 

Now my left shoulder just started acting up 36 hours ago. I saw a different doctor at urgent care and was told that was also bursitis. It was incredibly painful and difficult to sleep on. Plus no hockey last night, no hockey tonight and I was supposed to play in a charity tournament this weekend and that's not looking good either. And of course NO cross stitching either... 

I was very down last night although I watched a George Carlin special and ate some marshmallows, so that helped somewhat. One of those is probably healthier than the other :) 

I'm a little better today, although I still won't go to hockey tonight. The doctor wants me to take a steroid prescription which I need to fill, pharmacy was closed last night, but I'm really worried this is a sign of something else. I'll let my regular doctor know and see how it goes, but I'm worrying too much about all this and especially not being able to stitch is so frustrating! There's a new freebie SAL by Lakeside Needlecraft for specialty stitches that has an interesting start. You can find it here

I'm pretty sure I will not be stitching in pink though. Some blues, maybe greens, I'll have to rummage through what I have. And that might help lift my mood as well. Plus, maybe I'll be stitching slower with different stitches so I won't aggravate my shoulder. 

I tend to be able to be positive, so feeling down in the dumps is really frustrating too. 

I hope you all have had better weeks and will have a good weekend. 

Happy Stitching to you!



  1. Lovely finishes Tiffany. I hope you get to feeling better soon.


    1. Thank you Linda, I'm definitely getting there.

  2. Lovely work on your smalls this month. The September is gorgeous in that thread and the needlebook is adorable (as I told you before!).
    Sorry to hear that you're in pain, hope it gets better soon.
    I sent a JacquieLawson Thank You card to you, so check your email!!

  3. I will not start another project I will not start another project haha. I will watch this one closely though. Love your colors so far. Congrats on your other smalls too. They are all beautiful. I hope your pain eases. I'm the optimist in my family so I know how it feels to be not normally down. I hope you can bounce back to positive very soon. Sending you healing thoughts.

  4. You have stitched and finished some very beautiful smalls this month. I particularly love the thread you used on September.
    Sorry to read that you are in pain. I once had bursitis on my shoulder as well and yes, it can be very painful. I hope that you will soon be on the mend and pain-free.

  5. Lovely smalls. Sorry to hear about your pain. I hope you feel better soon and be able to go back to your sports and stitching.

  6. Yuck on the pain! I had to google bursitis. It doesn't sound fun. If only doctors could feel the pain too.

    That is a seriously adorable needlebook! And so fitting for the season. Needlebooks are one thing on my To Do Someday List (it constantly grows).

  7. Hoping for the best for you, Tiffany. It's hard to be upbeat when the physical stuff crops up. I'm stitching on a Brooke's Books freebie too, one of the happy birthday cakes. Something different.

    1. Oh neat! I hope it's going well. Thank you!

  8. Sweet needlebook, a lovely finish. Sending {gentle feel better hug}
    Nice new SAL, the special stitches do look good, hope you are able to stitch a little and take part.

  9. Your smalls are so lovely, but your joints acting up is not lovely at all - especially the ones that try to keep you away from cross stitching! I hope you'll be feeling better soon.

    1. Thank you! I am feeling mostly better, although my medication will wear off tomorrow.

  10. Oh my marshmallows are the best thing for me to eat when I am not feeling good, I hopoe your pains go away soon.
    Lovely stitching.


  11. Sorry to read that you are in pain, I hope it is starting to improve.

    I love the thread you used for your September stitch - it's perfect!

  12. Gee willikers! I'm reading these backwards, but you're really going through it physically! Hope you get better soon!


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