Getting Better, Nothing Like a New Start!

Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments. I'm definitely on the mend and would be farther along if I hadn't managed to tweak my back trying not to fall over DD's booster step this morning :) It's always something isn't it?
I had a good weekend and I did play hockey, although not my usual position so I didn't need to use my shoulder much. Plus I won a raffle prize of maple syrup, so that was pretty nice too! There were 3 different types, and DD and DH did a sample test yesterday as dipping sauce for their chicken nuggets. The flavours were delicate (light), rich (medium) and robust (dark). DD liked the lighter 2 the best. 

Did anyone else check out the Lakeside Needlecraft Free Specialty Stitches SAL? I decided to start on it when I received my rainbow ltd edition threads from Chromatic Alchemy. 

Here's where I'm at after 2 nights of work:

I really like it so far. The blend is coming together well and the stitches are interesting. I had never stitched Amadeus stitch (corners) before and I really like the effect. 

I hope you're all doing well and thank you again! 

Happy Stitching!



  1. The SAL sounds really tempting but I will be good this time :)
    A great start and lovely thread colour.

  2. Good start to your SAL. We watched a programme about ice hockey this week - I take it you're not one of the enforcers!

  3. Colorful start on your new project! Good to know you are feeling better and could play.

  4. Super thread choice for the he's SAL, interesting new stitch. Will look forward to the next instalment of this one.

  5. This new start looks wonderful - those colours are great and very interesting this stitch I had never heard of before. Great project.

  6. So sorry you hurt your back! Hope you feel better soon! I'm WAY too chicken to try different stitches, so I'll just have to live vicariously through you!

  7. Glad your feeling better Tiffany.


  8. Oh I love your thread and all the those beautiful colors. I've done a piece with specialty stitches before and I really enjoyed it. But I don't need another project I don't need another project. I'm trying I'm really trying haha.

  9. What a fun new project! Love the variegated floss you're using!

  10. Glad to hear that you are recovering. Love the rainbow thread on the speciality stitches SAL. I am resisting!!

  11. I'm happy to hear you are starting to feel better - and getting a little stitching in too! I do follow the SAL, but not stitching just yet. You're rainbow thread looks great on it.

    1. Thank you! I don't think they delete the files at all, so no rush to get them either. :)

  12. So here is the start of Lakeside, found it! Great choice of floss.


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