Friday for Finishing (sort of)

I managed to complete the 1st step of the Lakeside Needlecraft specialty stitches SAL this week, just in time for the 2nd step to come out today! 
stitched on 28 ct Realgar with ltd edition threads by Chromatic Alchemy

I think this was a good project to work on this week with the bright, happy colours. Plus the specialty stitches meant I couldn't accidentally overwork my shoulder and everything seems mostly back to normal at this point. 

I'm really happy with how the thread joined up. No frogging to make it work, although there were certainly spots I had to fix while stitching it. I think the colours flow pretty well, although you can definitely tell where the join is if you follow the rest of the pattern. 

Step 2 came out today and it's much smaller, only a small group of stitches in the 4 central locations of each side. I think I might even have it done in a day or two. The files are here if you're interested!

I had a little extra time last night and pulled out a couple different projects to finish up some thread ends that were leftover. 

Here is where Fleur de Lys was:
And now it's here:

The top colour is more accurate for the 32 ct linen I'm using. The thread is B2500 satin and it's so shiny I can't get a good photo. I think you can at least tell there are more stitches though. :) I would have continued on, but I couldn't find where my thread was, so I moved on to:

Here Comes Treble was here:
and is now here:

It was really nice to get a couple of projects out that hadn't been touched since 2016. 

Tonight I'll work on the 2nd part of the specialty stitches SAL and then try and get back to the overdue gift for my uncle. 

Happy Stitching and I hope you all have a good weekend! It's a holiday here and in Canada, so enjoy your long weekend if you have it.



  1. Nice work on the speciality SAL, the colours worked out really nicely.
    Love the thread you're using for Treble too.

  2. Tiffany: Nice work, it always feels good when the corners meet.
    I like the blue fabric, it is stunning.


  3. Beautiful progress on all 3 projects. Sometimes I love picking up those old projects too. They deserve love too.

  4. The colour flow on the Speciality SAL is great, it does look so nice.

  5. That border looks really great, so bright and colourful. I'm very curious to see how this SAL continues.
    Great progress on the other projects.

  6. Great progress! I especially love Here comes Treble - such a gorgeous colour!

  7. Great work on the speciality SAL!!

  8. They all look lovely, I have the SS SAL printed out but I'm yet to start. The thread for the Treble Clef is so pretty.


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