Thursday, October 26, 2017

TBT and Mel's Giveaway

I took a little time to search through my old photos to find this one. I don't think I've shown it on my blog before, although it did make a cameo in the recent photo of the wall in the guest room. 

In case you can't tell which one I'm talking about, it's this one:

Here it is in unframed glory with the bleeding thread colours on the left. This was from a Dimensions kit I think and I'd never had thread bleed before. I was debating about letting it run out some more, but in the end the frame I chose fit perfectly and covered all of it, so I left it as is. I can't find a photo of just this one in the frame, but you could zoom in on the other photo if you want to check. :) 

This was one of the most confetti full stitches I'd done at the time (2011). I love how it turned out! 

Don't forget to head over to Mel's blog for her threads giveaway! It's over this Sunday, October 29. 

Happy Stitching!



  1. What a beautiful piece. I'm glad you were able to cover the spots. Is the bridge one the Golden Gate bridge? Sure looks beautiful.

  2. What a lovely tiger finish. Glad you have managed to sort out the bleeding thread issue :)

  3. I stitched this piece too Tiffany, in 2006 as a gift for our son.It was a Janlyn kit and he has it on display in his appartment:) I’m glad your colour bleed was easy to cover over,it is a lovely design.

  4. That was a great rescue with the frame as it looks lovely

  5. Nice rescue! I never wash any of my projects, they don't seem to need it and I would be worried the reds would run.

  6. Big cats always look so beautiful, you did a great job with yours.

  7. Good that you could cover the coloured parts. I am working on a dimensions kit, do the colors bleed for their kits? I usually wash before framing big projects, so I guess I should not do it for dimensions project.

  8. Oh wow, bleeding thread or not, that looks awesome!


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