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Let's Play....

Guess What I've Been Stitching? 

For Theme-tas-Stitch this month the theme has been Animalia August. A few of us decided on dragons to fit the theme and I have a couplefew several dragons WIPs and possible new starts that would work this month.

I'd like to a do a giveaway of some Mirabilia and Nora Corbett charts, as well as one PS, and you can check them out in the Giveaway Charts page. I'll list my current WIPs/UFOs and possible new starts. Whomever guesses the most correct answers of what I've stitched this month can pick 2 charts and if it's tied, there should be plenty to go around. I can also dig through my stash or finished projects if there might be something else you'd rather have. Let's say the first 5 runner-ups can each pick one chart. 

All current WIPs/UFOs of dragons (I think):

I'm only using WIP photos if I can't find a photo of what the finished design should look like. Just in case I've forgotten the last photo I've shown on my …

Late GG - August Edition

Ack! I missed the 15th of the month again! Fortunately our excellent host for Gifted Gorgeousness, Jo, keeps the link open until the end of the month. I have a little game in mind, so I can't show you everything I've been stitching, but I do have a few things that fit the theme. 


I'm still plugging away at this one and hope to have it completed soon. :) I think this is 5 or 6 colours added, but not all completed yet. 

And that's all I've got to show for now. I'll leave the rest a mystery as I hope to have the next post up later tonight. 

Happy Stitching!


Tenuous Shoe Horn for Your Loved Ones!

Find out what this blog link-up is all about over at the fantabulous Jo of Serendipitous Stitching's blog. Her post is about her Nana is so wonderful to read. I was debating about who to write about for a while. If you follow my blog, you know I stitch a lot for my Grandma and she has been a huge influence on my life and how I live it. But since I talk about her a fair bit, I'm going to choose another loved one that I've lost. 

This happened right around the time I was tiptoeing back into blogging in 2014. I checked back if I'd written anything around April 20, 2104 and my previous post was in March 2014, and not again until September. 

On April 19, 2014, I came home from work to this:

DH terribly upset because our 13 1/2 year old basset hound Otto was breathing rapidly and had been since shortly after I left for work that morning. DH didn't want to tell me at work because I would have left obviously, and I don't have the type of job that really allows you to do t…

Update and It Runs in the Family, Plus a Link to a Giveaway!

I was at my parents' house last week and since my Grandma has had to live in a nursing home, her house has been rented by my cousin. That meant my family had to move out a lot of her things since my cousin and his family have their own stuff. We're in a pretty small house, so we can't take much, but we also don't want some of the sentimental things to get thrown away. 

My older brother (lives in Fort MacMurray, Alberta) was also able to be home and he got a UHaul box. It's like a UHaul truck size, only no truck attached. You tow it to your house, fill it, and ship it to another location. This was much more economical than trying to drive all the way across country. 

There were many things saved for us to go through and one that I absolutely had to take home was this:

My dad has to determine what line Isabella Curry is from, but he knows it's in the family somewhere. :) There were also some plain black on ivory linen pieces that were interesting, but had no initial…

Not Quite According to Plan...

When we last joined our hero, Tiffstitch, she was frantically stitching to finish a gift for her uncle's 80th birthday. All was in place for a last minute finish, a fairly simple final finishing technique studied and practiced and all that was needed was a few more vital hours of stitching. And did she make it??

Because in my stitching bag instead of the thread I packed was DD's mini-basketball......
While it's possible that I made this error, I'm 99% sure I did not pack the basketball. So some little fingers removed the thread box and I had everything I needed except thread. 
Ah well, that meant less pressure to get it done and I spent some quality time with family, so in the end, it's all good. I told my uncle and he thought that was pretty funny. I showed him a photo of the WIP, but he couldn't guess and I said that was okay since it will still be a surprise that way. :)
This is 4 colours complete I think. I haven't looked at it in a few days now. :)
I …