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A Fully Finished Object and a New Start

It's been a very busy week, as my lack of posts likely indicates. I have managed to fully finish Rejoice Tree after discarding several methods of finishing and sort of making up my own. 

Instead of a cube finish, I ended up using a large piece of styrofoam and I kind of made up my own finish. I didn't find a good sized ribbon to use, and since I had purchased stainless steel pins, I decided I liked how it looked all pinned up. 
What do you think?

close up of the pins
Thank you for all your comments on my decision regarding Vermont and At Our House for my co-worker. As most of you mentioned, cross stitching is about something we enjoy, and I unexpectedly received the chart just in time for Xmas, and since I had first seen it I had though of stitching it for him and his family. 
Therefore, Vermont will go back in the WIP file and I started on At Our House, even though the fabric was all wrinkled and necessitated a little washing. 
Here's the model stitch again: My floss toss:
The co…

Gifted Gorgeousness - November Edition and Some Help Please!

Here we are at our second-last or penultimate Gifted Gorgeousness link-up! I have always loved that word and its iterations, like anti-penultimate, which is 3rd last. :) I think it keeps adding "anti"s after that, so 4th last is anti-anti-penultimate, etc. 

Hosted as always by the marvelous Jo aka "speedy needles" for her finishes this year (okay, that's maybe my inner voice talking) this is our monthly showcase for all the things we've worked on that are somehow related to gifts. So if we're giving them to someone or have received them for someone or it's a free pattern and therefore a "gift" from the designer, however you can shoehorn your work in, go for it! 

My summary since last month is:

Halloween Monster, a FFO!

Halloween Bat by Durene Jones, free from her Facebook page
Somebunny - for DD

I feel like somehow Somebunny looks like a weird ghost Goofy right now, but it will get completed for Xmas. I was disappointed to not get finished by th…

Super Stash Showcase

I haven't had much more stitching done, and what I did complete on November 8, I took a really blurry photo of, so I will attempt that again tonight and hopefully have more to show you in my next post. 

For now, I'm choosing to see beauty:
This gorgeous tree is still hanging on to all of it's leaves even though most of the others in the area are bare and/or brown. You can do it Awesome Tree!
And I decided to look through my stash last night and take some long overdue photos of purchases and a giveaway win over the last few months. 
First, the giveaway was when The Southpaw Stitcher was de-stashing and I was fortunate enough to win one of her fantastic giveaways!
I was really excited as I've had the beer one, 99, in mind for many years now. I like the idea of the chart very much and I think I have a few friends that would like it. Or DH might decide we should hold on to it. He can have it in his future "man cave". That's so many years down the road I might actu…

Somebunny Photo Overload

Hello everyone! I was editing my photos and realized I've been taking a lot of them, but I haven't had time to write any posts, so this one will be fairly photo heavy. Since a lot of you mentioned you like seeing lots of photos anyway, I hope you won't mind. 

I've been plugging away at Somebunny quite a bit and a few days ago I was here:

I realized I had backstitched in the wrong colour thread, 310 instead of 535, so I frogged it all, mostly from the back once I remembered that's how you're supposed to frog backstitch. 

A little more backstitch, plus finished the stitching on one robin and some more of Somebunny's right arm. The variegation in the fabric shows us pretty well here also. 

This was last night before I moved the Qsnaps. I managed to finish 2 robins and the splotch of pink in the center is another robin, plus lots more backstitch. I've discovered I like working with larger Qsnaps with my stand. It's a little more awkward to stitch 2 handed w…

WIP Wednesday

Back to our irregularly scheduled blog posts now that the Halloween photo extravaganza is over. I'm still impressed Vickie managed her month of Halloween starts! There are some really fun designs in her starts if you're looking to enhance your Halloween stash. ;)

On to Somebunny! It's moving along fairly well and I started some of the backstitch since I've heard it can be annoying if left until the end. I generally don't mind backstitch, but I've heard others say these designs can break anyone. 

It will look like this: and here's where it sits now:

I will say that last night I was not able to stitch on this one. I needed something very low in intensity with few colour changes after a long work day, so I pulled out my hardanger lap quilt to continue stitching in the backing. I didn't take another photo last night, but this is what it looked like previously:
I may pull it out tonight since I'm almost at the point where I can pull out all of the pins for th…