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Back to our irregularly scheduled blog posts now that the Halloween photo extravaganza is over. I'm still impressed Vickie managed her month of Halloween starts! There are some really fun designs in her starts if you're looking to enhance your Halloween stash. ;)

On to Somebunny! It's moving along fairly well and I started some of the backstitch since I've heard it can be annoying if left until the end. I generally don't mind backstitch, but I've heard others say these designs can break anyone. 

It will look like this:
 and here's where it sits now:

I will say that last night I was not able to stitch on this one. I needed something very low in intensity with few colour changes after a long work day, so I pulled out my hardanger lap quilt to continue stitching in the backing. I didn't take another photo last night, but this is what it looked like previously:

I may pull it out tonight since I'm almost at the point where I can pull out all of the pins for the edges. I don't think it will be perfect, but I'm good with "okay". 

Since I'm being crazy with finishes and over burdening myself I'm thinking after Somebunny is done I may go back to this one and try and give it to my Grandma for her birthday. I'll see her a little bit after her birthday this year and I think she will like it in her nursing home. 

I hope you've all been having a good few days post-Halloween!

Happy Stitching,



  1. Nice progress on Somebunny Tiffany. Your lap quilt is gorgeous.


  2. Great progress on Somebunny! So far I have found that Margaret Sherry designs back stitch is quite challenging. Your quilt is lovely :)

  3. Somebunny to coming along great! Well done on so much progress. The Hardanger looks amazing, love it so much!!

  4. Oh my - lovely stitching! Love Somebunny....

  5. Somebunny looks adorable!!
    Amazing how the backstitch finish off projects :)

  6. Gorgeous projects! I would find it difficult to see where I could backstitch without spoiling the design so I almost always leave it until last.

  7. Somebunny looks great and Sherry designs can be a bit BS heavy, but they always look terrific. The quilt is coming along beautifully.

  8. Your Hardanger lap quilt looks gorgeous. And you made good progress on Somebunny.

  9. Somebunny is very cute. And the Hardanger is fabulous!

  10. Nice progress on the Bunny. I love the lap quilt too, it will make a great gift.
    I saw Vickie's Hallowe'en pieces during the blog hop. She certainly gets her money's worth out of JCS! Some great designs there.

  11. The Bunny is fabulous, it looks like a painting. It will be a lovely gift.

  12. Somebunny designs are really cute, and you picked an especially cute one! Also, I am very impressed (and a bit intimidated, haha) by anyone who can do Hardanger works :)

    1. Thank you, and the hardanger isn't that bad really. The SAL that the afghan is from was sort of an intro to hardanger and you can maybe see the first one has no cutting at all. It did get to be a lot of cutting at some points, and I will say wrapping bars is not my favourite thing to do at all, but it's nice to be done.

  13. Beautiful progress!! I dislike hardanger but it's gorgeous on the screen haha. I like to backstitch as I go. I love seeing how it looks when it's "finished" in that section.

  14. I love your bunny!!!! The quilt sampler is beautiful!!!!


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