Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Somebunny Photo Overload

Hello everyone! I was editing my photos and realized I've been taking a lot of them, but I haven't had time to write any posts, so this one will be fairly photo heavy. Since a lot of you mentioned you like seeing lots of photos anyway, I hope you won't mind. 

I've been plugging away at Somebunny quite a bit and a few days ago I was here:

I realized I had backstitched in the wrong colour thread, 310 instead of 535, so I frogged it all, mostly from the back once I remembered that's how you're supposed to frog backstitch. 

A little more backstitch, plus finished the stitching on one robin and some more of Somebunny's right arm. The variegation in the fabric shows us pretty well here also. 

This was last night before I moved the Qsnaps. I managed to finish 2 robins and the splotch of pink in the center is another robin, plus lots more backstitch. I've discovered I like working with larger Qsnaps with my stand. It's a little more awkward to stitch 2 handed with this one than it has been with others. 

And here is where I finished last night. I still think my goal of Sunday is possible. My in-laws will be here Friday and we'll do some celebrating, gift opening at that time. Then the plan is to head to a somewhat local (2 hours away) water park for the day on Saturday and relax on Sunday. We might even put up our Christmas tree and make that a holiday tradition for our family. 

I think I'll be staying up late tonight to hear the results of the election. I've been stress-eating all day... it's so bad for me, but can't seem to stop today, plus it's not helping anyway, and yet, this is what I'm doing. I'm hoping I will get lots of stitching done while I'm stressing all night. I really have no clue if we're going to watch the results or do something else. I kind of feel like binge watching something else or picking a movie. I might get Dad to watch The Mermaid. He's visiting for a few days, and DD is so happy! It's "Grandpa do this" "Grandpa do that". 

Happy Stitching everyone and tomorrow is another day!



  1. Shame about the frogging, but Somebunny is growing very well!
    Love the pretty Robins!
    Looking forward to seeing if you've managed to stitch much tonight .... what with the binge eating, and the worrying!
    Smiles and Hugs,
    Barbara xx

  2. Me too - Binge eating and wondering if I can stay up long enough to night to see the results. This has been one crazy election

  3. You're doing great, so Sunday seems very possible. Hiss to those blasted frogs though. I plan on avoiding the TV tonight and ignore the election until tomorrow when hopefully the worst will be over.

  4. Your Somebunny is looking cute, love those robins:) Have fun with your family.
    In India, the PM banned ₹500 and ₹1000 notes overnight yesterday so the attention was diverted from votes to notes :) It's done to unearth the black money. Citizens are given a timeframe of one month to get the banned notes exchanged with banks. Good news for salaried people like us who pay heavy taxes but the money doesn't reach the poor because of corruption n black money. Sorry for getting carried away:)

  5. For me all the updates on the election were almost too much. Somebunny is looking adorable, fun to see your progress on him.

  6. Somebunny is growing really nicely and I hope you can finish it for the weekend.
    I have read the news and found out about the new American president. I hope the evening went well for you ;)

  7. Absolutely amazing progress on Somebunny, it's so cute!!

  8. Beautiful progress!! Love watching it grow. Enjoy your weekend!!

  9. Somebunny looks great Tiffany and so close to a finish.


  10. Somebunny is so very cute, love the colours but oh no re having to frog - damn that frog prince!

  11. Can there ever be a photo overload of stitchy pictures? No, I don't think so, lol. Great progress and I think your can have it finished very soon.

  12. Great progress on Somebunny- come on you can do it despite the frogs!

  13. Great progress! I'm sure you can be finished until Sunday.

  14. Great work on the Bunny, there's a lot of backstitching in there. Love the dotty boots!

  15. Such a cute Bunny!!!! You are moving right along!


Thanks for any comments!

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