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Christmas in July!

The wonderful Kaye is hosting Christmas in July and it was a lot of fun getting things together for the exchange. It was a "no extras" exchange which I think a lot of us find hard since as a whole we tend to be so generous with each other. I stayed within the rules though and I sent my package to Jocondine. I didn't get it off as early as I wanted though, so I'm not sure if it has arrived yet . 

My exchange partner was Kay, who I don't think has a blog. She was on the ball and I received my package well ahead of time and then had to wait to open it!! 

Then today arrived and here it is:
And inside:

A beautifully stitched and finished ornament, a cool felt CHRISTMAS banner and some special chocolates! That's not to mention the special fabric they were all wrapped up in, thank you so much Kay! 

I hope you're all having a great Christmas in July today. 

Happy Stitching!


Theme-tas-Stitch July Edition

Two posts in one day, what? Turns out I should have time to get a second post up before I need to get DD up from her "nap". She will stay in her room and is usually pretty good, but she doesn't nap often any more. She's currently trying to balance a stuffed animal on her feet... so early night tonight!

Thank you Kerry for hosting Theme-tas-Stitch and I hope you had a lot of participants. I had grand plans of finishing and turns out I had to turn Just One July into Just Two July since my plans went a little awry once I realized my uncle is turning 80 at the end of this month. 

I started out with AAN's Spider Banner, and I still really want to finish this one this year, I think it's possible. Here's where it was:
 Pretty close to actual fabric colour, 32 ct gifted unknown opalescent blue/purple mottled fabric where I ran out of WDW Cyclamen for the web new thread matches fairly well, and finished the Cherry Vanilla for the over web. The spider is WDW Chesapea…

Late GG, and Still Stitching!

I hope you've all been well. I've been stitching almost every night and busy the nights I haven't been able to stitch, but finally I have a few minutes to get a post out and update you on my stitching. I've been taking a lot of photos, so I hope that makes up for 11 days since my last post. :) 
Someone keeps me busy when I'm not working :D

Thank you all for your advice on my last post regarding what to do for my uncle's birthday. Some of you had mentioned if he would appreciate it, and yes, my aunt has been a cross stitcher that uses stamped fabric for many, many years. He's well aware of the all the effort that goes into stitching and crafting. My aunt only recently discontinued when her eyesight wouldn't allow her the same enjoyment. I can't really do stamped well, and she's always amazed that I follow a pattern. We had some good chats while we were both stitching many years ago. 

Therefore, I did decide to stitch something and to be able to star…

July Update and a Quandary

Hello everyone! Wow... it's been 2 weeks since I posted, I can't believe it! It was a fairly busy holiday weekend last week, and things haven't really slowed down, plus I've been stitching so much and getting so much progress I haven't wanted to spend any time on the computer. 

What have I been stitching you ask? After all the projects I mentioned in a previous post I decided that the AAN Spider Banner was calling the loudest and have done very well. Here's where it used to be:

And now a spider appears:
And a little more:

I'm a little farther than this, but I forgot to take a photo last night, so I will try and remedy that tomorrow. I still love, love, love working on this one! The spider is stitched with WDW Chesapeake Bay and Cactus (lighter green). It's on unknown 32 count opalescent fabric that I received as a gift, stitched 2 over 2. 

Onto my quandary. I just found out my uncle is turning 80 at the end of this month. I can't quite wrap my head aroun…