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WIP Wednesday and Easter Weekend Summary

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter/long weekend! We were very busy all weekend. Friday was story time at the local library and DD had a great time. She sang to the alphabet song and Mary Had A Little Lamb at almost full volume, which made everyone laugh thankfully. We haven't practiced inside/outside voices yet since usually she's not very loud. :) That might be the next thing we have to practice. 

Then it was time for the last Friday hockey session until the fall. DD and DH had fun wandering all around the rink again and again. That and watching the zamboni (ice cleaner) are DD's favourite things to do at the arena. 
Me in my hockey equipment and DD watching in her stroller
On Saturday, DD and I had an adventure! DH needed us out of the house for a bit to get some work done, so DD and I went to the mall. This was DD's first time without a stroller and her first time experiencing a toy store being able to walk around. She really loved the giant stuffed toys and kept petti…

Top 10 Tuesdays: Top 5 Things on My Bucket List

This is the last Top 10 Tuesday for a month since Kate and Keebles are joining the A-Z Challenge in April. I decided against joining since I have too much going on, but I will be cheering all of you participants on!


1. Visit Walt Disney World

This is something that absolutely will happen in the next few years. We plan to go with DD when she's a little older and will get more out of it. 

2. Complete an HAED

I've started 5 of these now I think and I've yet to complete any of them. One I tossed because I didn't like how it was stitching up and I wasn't going to leave it sitting forever, better to just get rid of it. 

Siberian Forest HAED Freebie SAL

Dragon Under Glass

Bailey Basset

Mini Winter Magic

As you can see, I've never even completed a page on any of them! So a page is a yearly goal for Bailey Basset, but finishing any one of these is a bucket list item.

3. Write a novel

I used to write short stories in high school, but then 8 years of un…

Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop!

This is my first year joining in the Easter Blog Hop. I hope you all have a fun time hopping from blog to blog over the weekend. 

Here's your letter:

Easter was always fun for my brother and I growing up. Our Dad always hid things in the strangest places, like in a lamp shade, behind the music stand on the piano, never the obvious places. That was a lot of fun. After church we'd go to our grandparents and all the cousins would try and find the candy they'd hidden in their backyard. It was a lot of fun growing up and I hope I can do the same for DD every year. 

Here's a couple Easter egg freebies stitched up:

 from Passion Broderie 77
Quaker Easter Egg by Kincavel Krosses
And now go visit A Stitching Grandma for your next letter. 

Happy Hopping!


WIP Wednesday

I finally have some WIP progress! 

I worked on "L" a little last night to get from here:
to her full leg in Cobbled Peach and her arm, as well as the start of the L:

If you look closely I goofed a little on the curlicue, but it wasn't worth unpicking to me. I started a row too high, so I added another row of curl. I don't have the colours for her dress, I'm waiting on an order from The Wooden Needle, but I do have the colours for the L. I just can't decide if I want to continue on with this or switch to something else. 

I also finished the wording on Everyone Brings Joy:

I love stitching fun wording. I have no idea why it feels so satisfying to me, but here we are. I love using WDW Autumn Leaves for the word "leave". I wanted it to stand out. I wasn't a huge fan of the house on the right in the original pattern, but I've had an idea. We live in a one-floor house and have an enormous two-story garage so I'm thinking I might chart our house whe…

Top 10 Tuesdays: Top 5 Things I Love That Are French

Top 10 Tuesday time! Check out Kate's, Keebles, and Elliptical Man's blogs for their lists and see how we might all differ in our choices. This is a pretty broad topic, so I imagine there will be a lot of different picks. Mine will be very different since I choose to interpret this as French Canadian. ;)


1. Passe-Partout

A great children's TV program on French TV when I was growing up. DH managed to find a DVD set and now DD gets to enjoy it as well. Since I actually speak some French now I've realized what a great show it is. They deal with a lot of typical child issues, there are puppets and some really fun actors and songs. 

2. Montreal Canadiens

Going to a game is an experience. I'm not a rabid fan or anything, but seeing them live is something you should put on your bucket list. My old boss went to a game, even though he's not a hockey fan at all and enjoyed himself tremendously. 

3. Bio-Dome

A beautiful habitat for a…

IHSW - March Conclusion

I hope everyone had a good hermitting weekend! I worked all weekend, but I still managed to progress well on "Everyone Brings Joy" from here:
to here:

and I finished my snake!!

It was a lot of fun to knit and put together. I really like the pattern and how it shapes the head well. I think I might have overstuffed it since the eyes were a little hard to do while passing the needle back and forth through the polyfil inside. 

But I'm happy with it and DD thinks it's fun to play with, so success! I have permission from Butterfly Love1 to post photos from her Etsy site, so these are the patterns I purchased:

Amigurumi flask
Amigurumi beaker Amigurumi test tube - so cute! Hot Air Balloon Slinky Snake Friendly Bugs Big Friendly Kite
And there were so many I wanted, but didn't buy, like these Christmas ones:
and this cute ghost! plus bacteria and blood cells! - my inner science geek is going squee! 
You can knit all these with basic knitting skills, so even if you're a beginner, giv…

Friday Finishes, Fun, a Mystery and IHSW

First of all, if you haven't signed up for IHSW hosted by the lovely Joyce, head over to Random Ramblings and sign up for this weekend. It's a great excuse to ignore the world and get some serious stitching done. I have to work all weekend, so I doubt I'll get much done, but I'll try. 

Next, I visited The Alchymyst's Study for Gifted Gorgeousness and found she'd been knitting something amazing! You can find the patterns on Etsy by Butterfly Love and let me warn you, if you're a knitter, watch your wallet. I just managed to stop myself at 8 patterns... yes, 8. 

I haven't asked either of them for permission to post photos, so please check the links to see what I'm talking about. I will show you one finish that I knitted up last night and one that's a WIP. 

Mummy Bug

This was knitted with odd bits of worsted weight yarn. I love it! I completely flubbed the i-cord legs, but I'll get better with practice. I didn't read the directions correctly, s…

Gifted Gorgeousness - March

It's the 15th again and that means time for Gifted Gorgeousness! Hosted as always by the fabulous host Jo at Serenditipitous Stitching, thank you for making linking up so easy. 

This post will include the last of the DUCJFC projects and the few I've worked on in March. 

Let's start with:

Savannah Birth Record for DD

I switched out the 14 count yellow Aida for some yellow 22 count hardanger, and it's a process. I'm debating about trying 1 over 1 for the rest after I get this bit of the border completed. 
Ocean Curiousity for DD
I like this one a lot and it's soothing to stitch in monochrome sometimes. I hope to get back to this one in the next few months. 
See Ya Later Alligator for DD
I think this will make a great growth chart, so I really need to get a move on and finish it up. I had to unpick all the lettering since it didn't show up enough, so I need to pick a new thread as well. 

 Letters from Nora - L for friend

This is for the same friend that I finished K for…

Top 10 Tuesdays: Top 5 Places to Shop - EDIT for new list poster

Top 10 Tuesday Time again! Head over to Kate's and Keebles'blogs to find out their lists, although they were both on vacation the past week, so they may or may not be posting today. Elliptical Man has also joined us, so check out his list and blog too. 


1. Amazon

They have everything now, although I remember when they were just a book store. 

2. Trader Joes

I can't ever explain how much I love this grocery store. They have tons of organic produce at reasonable prices seasonally and I do try and feed DD organic produce if we can. There are so many unique items that you can only find there, and it's saved our grocery budget a few hundred dollars a year. 

Plus all of their store brand products very clearly and obviously state what allergens are present in their packaged food. That is a huge help when you have food allergies. 

3. Gymboree

This is a children's clothing store, and I prefer it to the more commonly known Carter's or OshKosh. They have fun …

Finishes and an Injury!

Thank you for all your comments on my list of WIPs to finish this year. I know you can motivate me to stick to my list. I didn't plan on not posting again until today, in fact I had plans for a "Finish on a Friday" post, but those plans went awry when I pulled my tricep muscle in my right arm. 

I managed to do this in a pretty creative way when we were getting DD ready for bed. She was a little overtired and started climbing all over my bed and standing up and then falling down. I pulled the muscle by grabbing her as she was about to fall off the far side. So, a worthwhile injury, but still frustrating because the triceps muscle really affects the entire arm. 

Everything hurt that night. I had an ice pack on my arm the rest of the night on and off and it was marginally better in the morning. I had to work that Saturday morning and ended up writing with my left hand occasionally because it was less painful. As the day progressed it became less painful and I could do minimal…

WIP Wednesday - A Start

Here we go with a more normal posting schedule. I hope to update my current WIP every Wednesday and today I'd like to list a few things I hope to finish first from my Challenge pieces. These are finishes I really want to get done this year. 

1. Schroeder

This is one I'm stunt stitching for a friend and I've made some decent progress over the last few days:

I hope three more days might see a finish. 

2. Linus

This is another stunt stitch and I will finish this one soon, but I plan to work on something else after I finish Schroeder, then come back to this one. 

3. Letters by Nora S, H, G, L 

These haven't progressed since Jan/Feb, so I may pick these up after Schroeder. 

4.  Rejoice Tree

This is for my Grandma, so I'd like to finish it for her birthday or Xmas. Both are late in the year, but this would be good to get finished. 

5. Everyone Brings Joy

I'm pretty close on this one and I'd like to put it up in our house

6. See ya Later Alligator Growth Chart

I would love to …