Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday Finishes, Fun, a Mystery and IHSW

First of all, if you haven't signed up for IHSW hosted by the lovely Joyce, head over to Random Ramblings and sign up for this weekend. It's a great excuse to ignore the world and get some serious stitching done. I have to work all weekend, so I doubt I'll get much done, but I'll try. 

Next, I visited The Alchymyst's Study for Gifted Gorgeousness and found she'd been knitting something amazing! You can find the patterns on Etsy by Butterfly Love and let me warn you, if you're a knitter, watch your wallet. I just managed to stop myself at 8 patterns... yes, 8. 

I haven't asked either of them for permission to post photos, so please check the links to see what I'm talking about. I will show you one finish that I knitted up last night and one that's a WIP. 

Mummy Bug

This was knitted with odd bits of worsted weight yarn. I love it! I completely flubbed the i-cord legs, but I'll get better with practice. I didn't read the directions correctly, so the legs are a little wobbly. This took maybe a couple hours if you're wondering, and the directions were very clear and easy to follow. 

The mystery is, this bug is missing! Completely vanished! I think Max, the feline mastermind, hid him somewhere. I can't find my bug!! I'm fairly annoyed since I was going to give it to DD to play with but now it's gone. I've searched all the usual places and found 3 cat toys, but no bug. 

I have a feeling it's going to appear somewhere unusual and scare the crap out of me. 
Max plotting our grisly deaths after a bath

The next fun pattern I started was a knitted snake! I hope I can get it to look close to the pattern. It looks awesome and fun and I can't wait to finish it off. 

I'm knitting with 3.25mm needles, yes, teeny-weeny, and it's coming together pretty well. I'm using Vanna's Choice Autumn Print and it has a decent stripey feel. I need to get some poly-fil to finish it, and I can pick that up tomorrow. I'm mostly done the body now, this photo is from last night, so I only need to do the head and stuff and sew it up. I'm excited to see how it will turn out. 

I think I need to stitch to give my fingers a rest from knitting, and now it's difficult to choose what to carry on with. I've put a few more threads into Otto, but I feel like I need to move on to something that's more likely to be finished this month. 

Happy Stitching and Hermitting!



  1. What! You forgot the first rule of catdom - anything small enough to be picked up in the mouth and moved is a toy. Can't wait to find out where you discover Mummy Bug.

  2. Oh no! I do hope your mummy bug does not startle you too much when you find it. Your comment with the photo of Max after his bath made me giggle. I have a friend that had to pull her stove out and she found a treasure trove of hair bands. I look forward to seeing your snake!

  3. I did not know you knit as well. These are looking great!

  4. Thanks for the laugh Tiffany. Max probably thought you made it for him. You'll find it when your not looking for it. It is cute.


    1. He probably did. I've knitted other thingamybobs for him in the past. Thanks!

  5. Ahaha, Max definitely thought it was a new toy. It'll pop out and be terrifying at some point!

  6. Why would you bath your cat? Doesn't he have a tongue? I'm not surprised he stole your bug in revenge!

  7. Ooh! I'm definitely going to check out that site and the snake looks awesome already, I'm living the wool choice!

  8. Those patterns are so cool! If only I could knit, I'll have to watch your progress instead :)!

  9. Oh, Tiffany, I love the idea of Max plotting, but whatever had he done to deserve bathing? I'm sure his new toy will turn up soon!

    I'm off to visit those links now!

    Barbara xx

  10. Love the bug and I hope it shows up soon. Max does look especially disgruntled after his bath! Your progress on the snake is fantastic, looking forward to seeing the finish.

  11. Too cute! I always see adorable animals made like this and just wish I knew someone who could do them haha. I saw an adorable dragon the other day on Facebook. Definitely not a talent I have. Plus I don't need to learn since I don't need another addiction haha. I did win an little octopus on a blog one time that I just love! I did LOL at Max's picture. We had a cat once that had a huge hair knot so we had to shave her. She was so mad at us for months and months.

  12. Thank goodness it was only the knitted bug and not your stitchy bug that went walkies. Hopefully you'll find it soon. :)

  13. Christine is an amazing designer and crafter, you'll find lots of fabulous things on her blog to tempt you lol
    Nice bug!


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