Ladyfee 2014 Xmas SAL (UFO status)

Dimensions Sleigh Ride stocking (2015) (UFO status)

Butterfly Quote (2015)

Twilight LeMans(2015)

Dimensions In Harmony (2009?)

Letters S, H, G (2016)

Princess and the Dragon (2015)

Monochrome Link (2016)
Fleur de Lys (2015)

A Kiss for a Snowman (2016)

Dragonlet Days of Xmas (2016) (UFO status)

Land of Dinosaurs (2016)

Frosty Friends (2016) (UFO status)

Do Not Meddle (2016)

Savannah Birth Record (2016) (UFO status)

See You Later Alligator (2016)

HaED Basset (2016)

Vermont (2016) (UFO status)
Snow Guide (2016)

Otto (2015)

HaED Dragon Under Glass

Warbreaker (charted by skitzzzzz) 

A Confetti of Hardanger (Abi Gurden)
HAED Siberian Forest
HAED Mini Winter Magic

Tree of Stitches
Blue Fractal (skitzzzzz)

Christmas ornaments (Dimensions Gold)

Helene et Mahlia Xmas SAL 2014
Lakeside SAL - UTS

Messy But Mine

Xmas Dragon

Ballerina Dreams (2018)

McLaren Hamilton (2018)
Full Moon (2018)

Lanarte Animal Parade (2019)

Witchy Stitcher Universal Monsters SAL (2019)

Hogwarts in a Bottle (2019)

Happy Halloween

Spooky Halloween (2019)

Evening in the Shire

Nora Corbett Raven Pixie

Mini Faery Tales by HAED

Mini Waterhole Master by HAED

SYOA by Cunning Cross Stitch

Sleigh Ride by Mill Hill
Mill Hill Xmas Tree
Blackwork Poppy by Jodyri
Haunted House by Hearts in Hand

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