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2017 Plans

It's that time of year to think about what we're stitching next year. I'm going to try and keep my new starts to a minimum, but I would like to start something new this weekend. A lot of stitchers have a New Year's Day tradition, but I'll likely start on December 31st because of how the weekend is this year. :)

It's been a busy holiday season, but I have a decent update on AAN's Spider Banner. Here's where it was a few months ago:

And now:

I have a few plans for 2017 too. I'm going to try and stick with ideas I planned out in October in this post. The first week of the month will be for BAPs/HAEDs, and that includes any partial weeks to start the month. I'm debating about what to work on first in January. I would like a new start, so I think I might pull out one of my new HAEDs. 

or maybe this older one. 
I won the chance to buy Realgar fabric from Chromatic Alchemy and I think this would look really good with this one and take out a huge chunk of th…

Objective Complete!

As the time wound down, I wasn't sure if I could Autumn/Christmas Elegance fully finished into a pillow and At Our House as a cube finish. But I did! 

I managed to complete At Our House on Sunday and then spent Monday and Tuesday finishing it into this:

I used a large piece of styrofoam and stainless steel pins and pinned the stitching over some felt padding, then some dark brown fabric to the back. I also used a brown ribbon to hide the join. I tried to make a peaked roof like Jo had suggested, but I didn't have any stiff card and couldn't quite figure out how to make it work. I think they'll be happy with it anyway. I even remembered to sign it! 

Last night I really wasn't sure if I'd have time to finish Autumn/Christmas Elegance because I had to make sure everything else was wrapped and organized. Plus our computer system died at work and DH dropped everything to come and fix it, fortunately my parents were here and could babysit! He was at work until 10pm, and…

Advent Calendar Blog Hop Day 16

Thanks for visiting and joining in Jo's Advent Calendar Blog Hop this year! I've been thinking about what I want to post all month since I posted an Xmas one for Jo's Birthday Blog Hop it was tough to find something I hadn't already posted about on my blog. 

I included this in a multiple photo top ten post about 18 months ago, so hopefully it will seem newish to most of you!

Angelic Melody - completed in 2012: 

This was one of the largest finishes I'd had at the time. It's 11x15 and was gifted to my MIL. The metallics weren't too bad to deal with, and neither was the fabric too stiff even though this is a Dimensions kit. I was really happy to have completed it. My cording could use work, but hey, first time for everything!

And Jo's question this year is: Decorations - do you have a favourite decoration you must have on display every year, maybe an heirloom, one the children made or something with a special story behind it?

The only decoration I have that is …

Gifted Gorgeousness - December Edition

I made it all the way through the year! And I mostly posted on time, so I'm pretty impressed with that as well. It's been really fun meeting new bloggers and crafters and I always enjoy reading your GG posts. 

For the last time this year, GG is the brainchild of the brainy Jo of Serendipitous Stitching. There's a link-up on her GG post and you can check out everyone's gifted and shoe-horned stitching. :) 
Since the last GG post I've managed to fully finish the Song of the Weather hardanger lapghan and given it to my Grandma:
I'm well ahead on At Our House by LK:

I'm showing 2 photos so you can see the whole thing so far. There are 2 more lines of text under the dark blue squares and that's it! I think I can finish on the weekend and get it finished-finished by Thursday to give it to the recipient. 
Rejoice Tree is fully finished as well as a cube style finish:

And that's all I have to show stitching wise. However, I was gifted a few charts in the after Th…

Finally Friday!

It's been another busy week for me and I hope it hasn't been too busy for the rest of you!

I have some progress on At Your House, and I'm over halfway done. I didn't quite get it finished by the end of this week as I was hoping, but I'm well on the way. I have to work tomorrow, but not Sunday, so there's still some hope I'll get it complete over the weekend. 

I have a little more completed, but I haven't taken a new photo yet. Things at work have been busy, so I've been stitching and stitching and then go straight to bed. It's so nice to have stitching as a release valve! I'm really looking forward to finally a day off on Sunday. I'm also getting 4 days off over Xmas, so I also can't wait for that break. 

I think right now I'm going with getting At Our House complete and one Frosty Friend before Xmas. I still need to put the bargello pillow together and I'll need to decide how to finish this one as well. I was wondering what you…

Catching Up and Xmas Plans

Thank you for all your great comments on my Rejoice Tree finish. Grandma liked it, although a lot of people weren't sure what it was? They had laid it down sideways one time when I went to visit Grandma after I had set it up correctly. Hopefully they know now. 

And the blanket was successfully fully finished in good time. I will admit to still tying knots in the fringe on our way to our friends house, but that was still a good 3 days early. :)

Here's the finish:

It wasn't difficult to do the fringe, you only have to remove the horizontal threads on each side, then tie the vertical threads in knots. If you try this yourself, have 4 inches or so to make it easy on yourself!

Sewing the black fabric on the back so it didn't fray too much wasn't terribly difficult, but a little scary for me since it was my first "real" project for someone else. One seam was really teeny, but we managed to complete the seams without destroying the hardanger squares or the afghan, s…