Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Top 10 Tuesdays: Top 5 Things on My Bucket List

This is the last Top 10 Tuesday for a month since Kate and Keebles are joining the A-Z Challenge in April. I decided against joining since I have too much going on, but I will be cheering all of you participants on!


1. Visit Walt Disney World

This is something that absolutely will happen in the next few years. We plan to go with DD when she's a little older and will get more out of it. 

2. Complete an HAED

I've started 5 of these now I think and I've yet to complete any of them. One I tossed because I didn't like how it was stitching up and I wasn't going to leave it sitting forever, better to just get rid of it. 

Siberian Forest HAED Freebie SAL

Dragon Under Glass

Bailey Basset

Mini Winter Magic

As you can see, I've never even completed a page on any of them! So a page is a yearly goal for Bailey Basset, but finishing any one of these is a bucket list item.

3. Write a novel

I used to write short stories in high school, but then 8 years of university pretty much dulled my creative edge. I think cross stitching helps, but it would be pretty amazing to actually write again some day. 

4. Visit Australia/NZ

It's pretty unlikely this will ever happen, but it would be pretty amazing. It would be fun to see all the friends I've made cross-stitching as well if I ever get there!

5. Visit the UK and more of Europe

I'd like to do this with DD and DH, but especially DH since he speaks fluent French. It would open a lot of doors, unlike when I was there in 1994 with my parents and younger brother. Everyone was very nice, but it was a little difficult when we had very basic French. Of course by the time we go, DD will likely have fluent French as well, and mine is definitely better than it used to be. 

It would be cool to tell DD all about her great-great uncle as well. He was a pilot and is buried in France after being shot down during WWII. There's a book about it now too, so it would be good to start reading it to her. 

What's the number one item on your bucket list?

Thanks for visiting and happy stitching,



  1. Quite a bucket list x Hope you get to achieve them. Just discovered your blog through a blog hop so hello from the UK :) I would have to think what would be on mine but to visit BARCELONA in Spain has always been an ambition.

  2. Quite a bucket list x Hope you get to achieve them. Just discovered your blog through a blog hop so hello from the UK :) I would have to think what would be on mine but to visit BARCELONA in Spain has always been an ambition.

  3. Great list Tiffany. I would love to go to Disneyland again before I'm unable to walk.


  4. Great bucket list. I have not thought of a bucket list,however if I make one,it would involve a lot of travel :)

  5. Nice to read about your bucket list!! :) Some of my items are similar to yours but they aren't part of a bucket list. I am afraid my list will be too long so I haven't made yet.

  6. Great list! Disney is an amazing place. So expensive but worth every penny. My #1 thing was to swim with dolphins and I've been able to do that. It was everything I had dreamed it would be. I have other things on my list like owning a camping and traveling but I haven't replaced my #1 yet. As of right this second taking my husband to Monterrey Bay, CA. I've been there but I want him to see it.

  7. You have a Wonderful Bucket list. Fingers Crossed you will be able to make everyone of these things happen.

  8. I like your list - everything but #3 would be on my list, I'm just not sure where.

  9. Love your bucket list! I've never been to Disneyland, but would love to go someday. Your HAED's are gorgeous. I just saw the Siberian Forest completed (I think on the Friends of HAED blog?) and it is stunning. Yours looks great! Your #3 is probably my #1 on my bucket list. I've talked about writing a book for Y-E-A-R-S. In fact, I was misdiagnosed terminally ill in 2006 and this is the only thing on my Bucket List (aside from seeing my boys get married and meeting my grandchildren - things totally out of my control and I'm in NO rush to see happen) that keeps nagging at the back of my mind. Last night, I sat down to work on an outline. :) Second on my list would be traveling to Switzerland with my husband and my boys so the eldest can see where he was born, and then go to Holland so they can meet the rest of their Dutch relatives. (If I get around to goal #1, maybe it could pay for goal #2? If you're going to dream, dream big. Right?!)


Thanks for any comments!

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