Thursday, November 10, 2016

Super Stash Showcase

I haven't had much more stitching done, and what I did complete on November 8, I took a really blurry photo of, so I will attempt that again tonight and hopefully have more to show you in my next post. 

For now, I'm choosing to see beauty:

This gorgeous tree is still hanging on to all of it's leaves even though most of the others in the area are bare and/or brown. You can do it Awesome Tree!

And I decided to look through my stash last night and take some long overdue photos of purchases and a giveaway win over the last few months. 

First, the giveaway was when The Southpaw Stitcher was de-stashing and I was fortunate enough to win one of her fantastic giveaways!

I was really excited as I've had the beer one, 99, in mind for many years now. I like the idea of the chart very much and I think I have a few friends that would like it. Or DH might decide we should hold on to it. He can have it in his future "man cave". That's so many years down the road I might actually have stitched this by then ;) I like the smalls as well, and to my surprise Southpaw Stitcher sent me a few extras!

And this is after Kate had a look through when she was here back in September too! 1 or 2 found their way to the UK with her. :)

I also never posted about the stash enhancement while Kate was here. We went to La Cigale Brodeuse in Quebec first:

The two on the ends are designers I've never heard of before, and the middle one is Victoria Sampler, but the LNS owner charted different words for an old French Canadian carol in the center. She gave me the printout she had charted and I purchased the chart. The fabric is a nice size of white opalescent, and the threads will be for my proposed Tribal Bathroom chart that should match our office decor. We have too many doors near the exit and people are forever choosing the bathroom instead of the way out. :)

We visited The Wooden Needle in Stowe, Vermont the next day, as well as Ben and Jerry's of course, and Michaels.

Kate found a ton of patterns she liked. I think the LNS owner was very happy I had brought her to visit since she threw in some needles for free in both of our orders. That's the first time she's ever done that when I've visited. 

I had never realized that Prairie Schooler Santa had a hockey stick! So I have to stitch that one. I'm not so much on their designs generally, but anything with hockey I need to stitch if I even remotely enjoy the pattern. I also really like the basset hound Xmas pattern and may attempt to finish that one this year. The Kreinik threads are glow-in-the-dark that the owner said I could just have. She thought she'd had them for a few years now. 

Since I had so many new Xmas designs and 'tis the season I pulled out most of the ones I want to start some day soon. 

So many fun holiday stitches! And that's not throwing in the few little Mill Hill kits I have either. I don't know that any of them will be stitched this year besides the basset on the bottom right, but we'll see. I do like to take on too much every year occasionally. 

Also, did I ever show you the fully finished bat? I can't remember. 

DH's "real sound" T-Rex is modeling it for you. :D

Happy Stitching,



  1. Oh such wonderful stash! Love it all!! We stitches just love stash pictures don't we? I would go nuts wanting to start them all. Probably why I have so many WIPs haha.

  2. Love all of your new stash Tiffany. Cute finish. In the last stash picture, what is the name of the Dimensions kit in the upper left?


    1. The large one is Gracious Era and the smaller one is Noel Ornament. Thanks!

  3. Fantastic new stash and it must be nice to see leaves turning! It's been so warm here everything is still green and the grass is still growing!

  4. Love your stash pictures! Nothing like a good road trip to make our craft areas a little more stuffed! That tree is beautiful. All ours have dropped their leaves now thanks to a few days of rain and wind storms.

  5. Been holding out on us, huh?! Nice haul you got there. Beautiful tree, it just glows. Looking forward to seeing some new starts:)

    1. ;) I mentioned I bought it, but hadn't gotten around to even taking it out of the bags yet.

  6. The tree looks beautiful!! And your cross stitch bat too.
    That's a good amount of stash to keep you busy! enjoy:)

  7. Wow so much amazing stash!! Love your bat finish. That tree is amazing, keep enjoying the beauty.

  8. What a beautiful looking tree!! Wish the leaves will stay up but sadly we all know what's coming.
    Wow!! This is a seriously stitch crazy stash!! Great pattern choices. I find it so hard with new stash... I simply want to start them all ;)
    Gotta prioritise Santa with the hockey stick!!!

  9. GORGEOUS TREE!!!! Our trees have all shed their leaves due to wind and rain, so happy to see your pic. Love all your stash -

  10. Oh my gosh how lucky you are, what a great win, the patterns she sent you are wonderful and extras along with it, you are so lucky.
    The tree is positively beautiful.
    That Bat is adorable, love it.


  11. Your tree is amazing, it really does glow!
    Love the stash enhancement, especially the Glendon Place Star Light design. I loved that rhyme when I was little.

  12. Stunning tree, autumm is so full of beautiful colour.
    What a pile of stash you have acquired, lots to keep you busy.

  13. That's quite a few lovely additions to your stash!
    I also love that tree in the beginning, the colour is stunning! Hard to believe nature makes something this beautiful every year all over again.

    1. Thank you! And yes, I'm looking forward to some new starts soon.

  14. Wow, what a wonderful haul this is. And it all looks very promising and will give you lots and lots of hours of stitching fun.


Thanks for any comments!

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