Friday, September 1, 2017

Thank You and Long Weekend!

Thank you all for participating in my giveaway and guessing game! I will go over the results and try and get a post up tonight with the winners. Here's a little hint for now:
there's a little bling on the chest if you can see it ;)

It's Labour Day weekend here so I'm also planning on working on some desserts this weekend. We have a get-together planned for next weekend and I'd like to experiment on some healthy desserts. I plan on attempting pavlova, so wish me luck!

My goal is to use only natural sugars, honey, maple syrup, etc. in a few things and see if they're something other people will eat as well. I might have some more traditional, possible store-bought stuff and my creations, just to be sure. I know that as my tastes have changed with decreasing my sugar intake, I find I'm a little overly sensitive to sugar and other people need a little more. 

I'd never heard of Pavlova before watching the Bake off show

and I've recently been watching the Comic Relief editions, they're awesome! and the recipes seem much more my speed. :) I know the above photo is the old crew and I've watched some of the new one and it's okay I suppose; although I miss Mary Berry and Sue and Mel. 

If you have any favourite recipes for desserts, especially if they can be easily substituted for natural sugars, please let me know! So far I've attempted some coconut flour cupcakes that turned out well and you can make frosting with avocado, maple syrup and cocoa that ends up very tasty. I'm going to attempt a cashew "cheese"cake again. It turned out well one time I made it, the same texture as an actual cheesecake and much healthier, so we'll see how that goes too. 

I hope everyone has a good weekend, whether it's a holiday one or not. Happy Stitching!



  1. Love the dragon your working on Tiffany. Good luck with your desserts.


  2. I hope your dessert making is going well. I have never made a Pavlova but I have once had a piece. And what can I say - it was delicious.
    I love eating desserts but I don't love making them, so no recipes here.

  3. Tiff, since I'm diabetic, I think I'm a little more sensitive to sugar now as well. I've been gluten free since mid-March, too, so that has changed a lot also. I'm quite partial to a flourless chocolate cake with chocolate ganache, but it tends to be verrrrrry rich. Hmmmm, I wonder if Jeff would make it again soon?

  4. Yep I see the bling in your beautiful dragon. I hope you had a lot of good luck with your baking.

  5. I love the colours of the dragon!
    So how did the dessert turn out?

  6. Your healthy dessert plans sound very interesting...I'm still doing a lot of catching up reading for the next few days so I hope you let us know how it turned out!


Thanks for any comments!

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