Saturday, October 29, 2016

Halloween Stitching and Somebunny Moving Along

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a good weekend. We started off last night with Trunk or Treat at the local elementary school. I think the idea behind it is you take your little children around and people give out candy from their trunks instead of taking them out on Halloween night. 

I have a feeling that as DD ages it will be Trunk or Treat and Halloween every year. :) For now she's small enough that we'll just go around our neighbourhood on Halloween night. 

There were a lot of fun activities and snacks, etc. in the school gym, and I think DD was a little overwhelmed, but she still enjoyed herself. Her costume is this:

She chose it herself and she's a dinosaur, in case you can't tell if it's a dragon or dinosaur. She has a toy dinosaur with almost exactly the same colouring, it's really interesting actually how that worked out. 

On to stitching! 

Halloween is creeping up on me and I still have 8 photos to show! Let's start with:

24. Boo House

I had to go back and fill in some path that I had missed, and I managed to complete another colour. This is looking pretty unlikely to be completed by Halloween since I've gone full steam ahead on Somebunny. :)

25. Durene Jones Bat in the early morning:

 26: Mid afternoon
 27. Early evening

I think I will go ahead and complete this one by Halloween to have one less WIP. I'm still debating if I will stitch the white in the eyes and fangs or leave it unstitched. Jo mentioned a variegated thread for the background instead of using 4 different oranges. It's a good idea, but I didn't have a thread I liked enough to use. Also, it would be interesting to compare if it's faster to stitch each stitch individually with a variegated thread and no counting or stitch as charted and be able to work across a row. 

28. Midnight Farm by Mill Hill - finished in 2013
29. and the GITD thread

I really enjoyed stitching this one and it was one of the few finishes and stitching I did in 2013. We moved that year, and I was pregnant, plus work was kind of a nightmare with some new hires. So I'm impressed I finished this one at all. It stays up all year roun. :)

I hope you all have a great weekend, and see you soon for the next post!

Happy Stitching,



  1. Your daughter looks so cute! I'm so impressed she chose to be a dinosaur. So cool! Love your starts. Midnight Farm is pretty spooky and the GTID just adds to it.

  2. Ohh impressed with that glow in the dark thread :) Love those Mill Hill kits! And your precious little dinosaur!

  3. Your daughter looks adorable Justine. Love all of your Halloween pieces. Making good progress on them.


  4. Your little one looks so cute.
    The glow in the dark has photographed so well.
    Great Halloween projets

  5. Great stitching. That glow in the dark looks like a challenge.

  6. Your DD looks adorable in her costume, and very intent on what she's doing. Midnight Farm is beautifully spooky and the GITD thread is a great touch. Nice progress on the other two pieces - I'm sure you can finish that bat!

  7. Your DD is looking cute in her costume:) Great stitching projects!

  8. What a delightful little dinosaur!
    Great stitching, love the glow in the dark one :)

  9. What a wonderful dinosaur! Great idea to have a party at the school too. Hallowe'en is nearly always in the half term holiday here but at least it means they don't have to go to school the next day!
    I love the glow in the dark piece and I'm very impressed at how well you photographed it.

  10. Love all your projects. Your little dino is just adorable!!

  11. I love that glow in the dark thread!!! All your stitching looks great!!!!


Thanks for any comments!

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