Thursday, October 13, 2016

Late Halloween Update and TBT

Vicki of Reading and Stitching is starting a new project every day in October for Halloween. She's had several fun choices I need to add to my wish list. :) I was supposed to join her for updates of my Halloween stitching, but had forgotten until last week. Then we had a doozy of a weekend and this is my first chance to post anything. 

Since I'm so late to Vicki's Halloween party, I thought I'd try and post 31 photos of Halloween stitching. It's TBT, so here's one from a couple years ago that I might not have posted on this blog. 

1. Jack-a-Rachnid from JCS 2013?

2. Boo House update - started this year for DUCJFC

3. Heart in Hand - Monster - new start

I hope to finish Monster in time to mail it to my Grandma. I had a horrible dream last week that she had died, so I really hope that doesn't come true any time soon. She's moving to a nursing home closer to the rest of my family, and hopefully that will mean they'll visit her more often. Some one goes almost every day, same as they used to when she was in her home, and I think that helps her know she's not being forgotten or "left". 

Part of what made this weekend so bizarre was this:

A tree in our front yard fell sideways onto the power and cable line coming to our house. It ripped the cable line from the pole at the road and somehow the power line held everything up. This was around 4am, both DH and I heard a weird noise and a "zzzip" kind of electrical noise. He got up to check it out and said the tree had fallen over and may be on my car. I usually park right beside the house. 

It did not hit my car, thankfully, and although our power was out in the house, the garage was still powered. That gave the power company a lot of light to fix the issue about an hour after we called. We were very impressed with how fast they arrived. They were able to sort of lift the tree and flip it over into our front yard.

I'm sure our neighbours were very happy about that! No chainsaws at 5am. :) 

Most of the power came back on then, although not the internet since the cable line was ripped out of the pole. They did come the next day, but it made my plans on catching up online impossible for that day. 

Also, for some reason the fridge did not come back on. DH checked the outlet under the house. It's they type that shuts off when it feels a surge, a GFCI, and when he turned it back on, it started on fire! He got it out, and switched the outlet, but the fridge still didn't work. 

Wonder of wonders, we found an electrician to come out around 4pm and they were able to fix everything! We're back up and running again, which is a great thing as we're hosting a Canadian Thanksgiving party on Sunday...

Back to happy things though, I finished a little more than one full thread on Princess and the Dragon. I had to unpick everything I had stitched that first night since I did not read the pattern well. I was able to do that the next night, and start re-stitching the night after that. Then came the crazy tree event, and we all caught a cold, so I didn't get as much finished as I would have liked, but it's still some decent progress. 

Last photo:

and now:

Unfortunately, the bottom photo is fairly blurry, but you can see where the hair doesn't join the body of the Princess, and in the top photo it does, and that's the mistake I made. I'm relatively happy with my progress though, this is one for the long haul. :) 

Next I'll be getting out Vermont and stitching more on my Halloween projects. Plus stay turned for more older Halloween projects and possible new starts. I haven't decided yet. 

Happy Stitching and don't forget it's IHSW this weekend!



  1. Great Halloween stitching, look forward to seeing more. Love Princess, looks great, sorry about the frog though. Sounds like you had a fair ordeal at the weekend, glad everything is resolved now and no one was hurt.

  2. My goodness. Glad you were able to get everything sorted out.

  3. My goodness. Glad you were able to get everything sorted out.

  4. Your stitching is looking beautiful. So glad you are okay after that tree falling. Wow what a scary situation.

  5. Love your halloween pieces Tiffany. Glad the tree didn't hurt anything. Your dragon looks great and nice progress.


  6. I'm glad no damage was done when the tree fell and that you were able to get everything working again quickly. Love your Halloween stitching.

  7. I'm glad to hear that everything is up and running and no one could hurt. Very unsettling though. Your stitching looks terrific and great progress on Princess.

  8. Great progress on your stitching! Glad to know that everything is up and running at your home.

  9. Per fortuna non è successo niente! Adoro Halloween, anche se non è una festa italiana mi piace ricamarla

  10. Oh dear!! Weekends like that, me no likey :(
    Glad everything is sorted and back to normal.
    Great progress on your beautiful design.

  11. So sorry about that falling tree. Hope you have a cozy weekend ♥

  12. You were so lucky that the tree didn't cause more damage - and that there were people to fix the problems over the weekend.
    Nice new progress on the Princess.

  13. Glad to hear you're back to normal! I love your Halloween stitching. Great idea!

  14. Good to read all is well again after your little hiccup.
    Super stitching

  15. Sorry to hear about the tree! Stuff like that is always awful to deal with.

  16. Poor tree - poor you! Looks like some interesting Halloween projects.

  17. Oh no, what a drama! Glad it's all sorted now - the tree and the hair!
    One thing you can do for your Grandma is write to her, even if she can't read herself one of the care workers will read to her. My sister did that a lot when Nana was in residential care, as a way of reminding Nana who she was! Plus it meant Nana got a little extra one-to-one time and something for the care worker to talk about.


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