Thursday, October 27, 2016

Updates and TBT Halloween Stitching

Thank you everyone for your comments about photos, it's good to know more is better as long as they're all resized easily to different devices. I definitely appreciate your feedback!

And now the bad news. As I was editing the photos and moving them to the correct album, then trying to delete them from the wrong album, they were deleted completely! Except fortunately Google Photos is used to people like me, so they can be recovered from the Trash folder for up to 60 days. Phew.... that was an unpleasant start to the morning.

Here's Somebunny from my last post:
and now:

That's the start of the awesome purple boots with white polka dots. I didn't have as much time to stitch because I worked on some Halloween projects too. 

20. Durene Jones Bat has progressed:

21. Boo House has a new corn stalk started:

22. Halloween Monster is fully finished!

I backed him onto some thick DMC felt. The monster was stitched with WDW Meadow, WDW Okeefeenokee for the mouth and hair, DMC 414 for his neck bolts and WDW Bethlehem for the border and running stitch to attach it to the felt. I also made a WDW Bethlehem cord secured with the Rhodes stitch in the top left. I think it's a fun little finish. :)

23. Midnight Manor - finished last year

This is one of my favourite stitches ever, despite an error I made in counting. No one can really see it, so I didn't bother frogging it. I really liked using the slightly different blacks and grays for all the details and the manor itself is dark navy. The glow-in-the-dark ghosts and moon were Kreinik thread leftover from a Mill Hill finish. 

Here's the best photo I could get of the GITD thread effect. I have yet to fully finish this one, so it sits in the drawer of shame for now. :) 

This chart has 2 patterns, you can see the smaller finished design here on Rachel's blog. She had a really cool idea about adding light to the windows. 

8 more Halloween photos to post before Tuesday, I hope I can make it! 

I hope you're all having a great week and thank you as always for your comments and advice!

Happy Stitching,



  1. Awesome progress and finishes Tiffany.


  2. Great progress on Somebunny. Love the bat, but he looks a little whoozy to me - maybe upside down doesn't agree with him. Terrific finish to the monster, must say I'm very taken with his grin/smile. I especially love the pumpkins in Midnight Manor.

  3. Great progress on all your projects!
    Love the bunny design and that bat looks so cute :)

  4. Lovely progress and designs. So happy you could recover your pictures!

  5. Phew, sigh of relief that all the photos weren't gone completely!
    Love the bat, I might try a variegated to save counting all the background!
    I also love Midnight Manor, that's an awesome design.

  6. Great to see the Halloween Monster finished. He is so cool!

  7. Cute monster finish! You have been stitching a lot:)

  8. Lovely stitching progress and Midnight Manor is fabulous - I love the open gate. Who is the designer, please?

  9. I just have to tell you,I love that bat.

  10. So glad you could recover your photos!!!!! I would be heartbroken.


Thanks for any comments!

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