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30 Day Challenges Day 29 - 10 States I've Lived in or Vacationed In and Update!

Thank you all for your great comments! I will answer them all tomorrow I hope. 

I will admit I'm starting to run out of ideas for lists. :) DH suggested this one. I couldn't come up with 10 states I've lived in, so I'm adding ones that I've also had extended vacations in as well. 

And an update on K:

I may not get the 2nd wing finished tonight, but I should still have some time to stitch tonight. It's my late night at work, so hard to say how much time she'll get tonight. I'm thinking I'll aim for a July finish with all the beads, etc. 
And on to the list!
10 States I've Lived in Or Vacationed In:
1. Vermont
I took this panorama while vacationing with my Mom in Vermont. This is the Trapp Family Lodge near Stowe, Vermont. We weren't staying there, but we did walk around the grounds a little. Apparently they play the Sound of Music every night? You don't have to watch though. :)
This is North Hero, Vermont one morning when I was driving through. I…

30 Day Challenges Day 28 - 10 Relatively Healthy Recipes for Sweet Treats

In the last couple of years I've tried to watch my refined sugar and wheat intake after reading a lot of info on Traci D. Mitchell's blog. DH and I did her Belly Burn plan when she was planning it out for her book and it really helped both of us. It helped me drop some of the baby weight, and although I gained some back when I went back to lazy habits, it definitely isn't that hard to continue with when you can see results pretty quickly and feel better too. 

There are lots of great recipes in her blog section, but you do have to hunt for them now. I'm going to list a few different places to find relatively healthy dessert recipes, and I hope you enjoy them as much as we have. 

10 Relatively Healthy Recipes for Sweets

1. Chocolate Avocado Pudding

I'm sure many of you have seen how avocados are the new healthy food. They do seem to be worth having as they have healthy fats and protein. This pudding recipe is delicious! But it doesn't make a lot with just one avocado…

Sunday Stitching Update

I have a confession: I worked more on Box of Delights:

I rationalized it because I happened to be slicing cherries one night and they were staining my hands, and then the next night it was beet greens. I thought I'd rather have a stain show up on this one than on K. We're so good at rationalizing what we want to stitch, aren't we? 
I finished the second part with random threads again. Mostly WDW, but also some Dinky Dyes from an Oops pack. 
I did also progress on K though and I think finishing the stitching is possible by the end of July. I think there's 300 or so cross stitches left. That doesn't include the back stitch and beading because that will take a while. 

It is exciting to be so close to a finish and I can't wait to get this one complete. I really like how the hand-dyed threads complement each other in the wings. The darker Vintage Violet showcases the motifs under the wings and the lighter Hydrangea fills in other accents in the wings. There is a lighter…

30 Day Challenges Day 27 - 10 Projects to Finish This Year/Stitching Plans

I feel pretty good about what I've accomplished stitching wise this year, but I hope to complete a few more things before the year is out. Since the year is almost half over I'll make a list of what else I hope to accomplish this year. 

Stitching Plans - Top 10 WIPs I Want to Finish

1. K by Nora Corbett

I'm well on the way to finishing this one and I'll be happy when it finally gets finished. My friend was a huge help when I was pregnant and I'd love to give her this and the finished 'A'. I need one more box of beads for her skirt, but that's a ways away. I'm thinking I'll stick with this in June and see if I can crank out a finish.
2. Box of Delights
I'm really enjoying this one, but I'll try and put it down to work on K. I would like to finish this and maybe make it into a pillow for a co-worker. I'm not sure since I don't know if I can give this one up. :)
3. Dog Lessons by Lizzie Kate

This one is a pretty fun stitch as well and sinc…

WIP Wednesday

If you've been following my lists challenge, that will start up again tomorrow. Somehow Kate and I got off track and I was ahead by a couple days, but now we're all even again. 

Here's my progress on K:

No significant change since Monday, but a shot of the entire piece this time. It's coming together quickly. I don't think the end of June is a good goal, but maybe if I get more time to stitch this weekend. 
And Boxes:
I've completed almost half of the outlines and I may fill in part 2 before I start the rest of the boxes. It's a fun, easy stitch and it's easy to pick up and do a box if I don't have a lot of stitching time. I don't even need the pattern now since I have a good template in front of me. 
I  hope everyone is having a good week!

IHSW - June Edition

I hope everyone had a great IHSW and/or Father's Day weekend. I worked a half day Saturday, but not Sunday as a surprise to DH and we all had a great day together. 

I even got some stitching done:

Box of Delights so far
And I picked up K again to work on. I would really like to finish her, and I was only continuing on Box to make sure I had the correct fabric size. Now that I know I will go back to some of my CJC pieces now and again instead of catching up to where everyone else is. 
I hope everyone had a great IHSW and don't forget to check on everyone else's progress at our friendly host Joyce's blog
Happy Stitching,

30 Day Challenges Day 26 - 10 Vehicles I've Driven/Owned

Some of these vehicles go way back, so if you're under 30, you may not have ever seen or heard of some of these "gems". 

Let's start the list with my first ever car that I owned instead of my parents:

1. '87 Buick Century

This is not my car, although I had exactly that colour. It was my maternal grandmother's car and had maybe 10K when I got it in '97. But it had been sitting in her garage not being driven for the previous 5 years. My grandma unwilling gave up her license when she ran into another car. It was parked at the time, and then she started to drive away at maybe 20km/hour. For those of you that think in mph, that's maybe 12.5 mph. 
2. '93 Chevrolet Lumina van

My parents purchased this in '93 or '94 and it was really exciting since it was our first new car in a long time. Ours was red, but it had that same long nose. It was nice, except there was a really large A-pillar and that blocked your view of traffic coming from the sides when y…