Thursday, June 25, 2015

30 Day Challenges Day 27 - 10 Projects to Finish This Year/Stitching Plans

I feel pretty good about what I've accomplished stitching wise this year, but I hope to complete a few more things before the year is out. Since the year is almost half over I'll make a list of what else I hope to accomplish this year. 

Stitching Plans - Top 10 WIPs I Want to Finish

1. K by Nora Corbett

I'm well on the way to finishing this one and I'll be happy when it finally gets finished. My friend was a huge help when I was pregnant and I'd love to give her this and the finished 'A'. I need one more box of beads for her skirt, but that's a ways away. I'm thinking I'll stick with this in June and see if I can crank out a finish.

2. Box of Delights

I'm really enjoying this one, but I'll try and put it down to work on K. I would like to finish this and maybe make it into a pillow for a co-worker. I'm not sure since I don't know if I can give this one up. :)

3. Dog Lessons by Lizzie Kate

This one is a pretty fun stitch as well and since I'm somewhat dedicating this year of stitching to our beloved basset that died last year, I'd love to add this to the finished stitching relating to him. 

4. Homeward Bound from Cross Stitch and Needlework

I must finish this one by November! It's a very overdue present for my Grandma, my last living grandparent, who will be 92 this year. She was 90 the year I had DD the day before her birthday and I had planned this for that birthday. It didn't happen, so I need to get this done this year. I will be seeing her near her birthday this year again and this needs to be framed/finished/complete/etc! 

5. The Good Life by Dimensions

I'm getting close to a finish on this one and I'd like to finish it since I've edited the chart to fit Otto a little better. Again, this would be one to finish in his memory and keep with us.

6. Ladyfee 2014 Xmas SAL

I'm looking forward to trying to finish this by Christmas so I can point to things on it for DD. There are lots of fun little Xmas parts to this design and I'd like to attempt finishing it as a long pillow. We don't have any of those and I think it would like nice on our couch. 

7. Midnight Manor by Waxing Moon Designs

I would love to finish this one by Halloween! It's a really fun design and I have some fun colours picked out for the different motifs. I can't wait to get back to it.

8.  Housework Never Killed Anyone by Lizzie Kate

This one so fits our lifestyle now with DD. It's something that we do the day before people come to visit, maybe. :) This should be in a prominent place so we can lower everyone's expectations when they visit. 

9. Song of the Weather SAL by Mabel Figworthy

I would also like to finish this one by November and give it to my Grandma as a Christmas gift. I'm stitching it on afghan fabric or Anne cloth (I've forgotten) and it should turn into a decent lap blanket. Hardanger is so relaxing to stitch, especially the Kloster blocks and I'm looking forward to actually finishing this SAL. I started it in 2013 and enjoyed it, but then we moved, and I was pregnant, and it never got completed. It's like an itch that I need to scratch :)

10. Sleigh Ride Stocking by Dimensions

I'm going to switch the fabric out and restart this one. I would love to finish it by Xmas for DD, that is the intended purpose of this one. It would be a hard slog, but I think if I switch the fabric it's possible. The included Aida was just so stiff it wasn't very fun to stitch with. I'm sure I have something close enough. 

So that's the plan, I hope I can complete at least half of these projects. I find I enjoy stitching a lot more if I don't set unreasonable goals like I used to. 

Happy Stitching,



  1. Love all the projects that you picked Tiffany. Good luck getting them done.


  2. Good luck! Wonderful projects.

  3. That's an ambitious list, but you should be able to achieve it. Good luck.

  4. You have such great projects on the go Tiff, I couldn't imagine having that many WIPs on the go - but then your life has changed quite a bit over the last few years! I will enjoy watching you pick these up again :).

    1. I'll be happy to pick them up again too. I feel an itch to get to something else, but I'd like to finish K first.

  5. Wonderful choices, Tiffany! I especially love the two Lizzie Kate charts. You can do it! I believe you can finish at least half of these this year!

    1. I think so too. Thank you for the encouragement!


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