Wednesday, June 24, 2015

WIP Wednesday

If you've been following my lists challenge, that will start up again tomorrow. Somehow Kate and I got off track and I was ahead by a couple days, but now we're all even again. 

Here's my progress on K:

No significant change since Monday, but a shot of the entire piece this time. It's coming together quickly. I don't think the end of June is a good goal, but maybe if I get more time to stitch this weekend. 

And Boxes:

I've completed almost half of the outlines and I may fill in part 2 before I start the rest of the boxes. It's a fun, easy stitch and it's easy to pick up and do a box if I don't have a lot of stitching time. I don't even need the pattern now since I have a good template in front of me. 

I  hope everyone is having a good week!



  1. Beautiful work! Love your letter!

  2. Your WIPs look great--I particularly like the blackwork piece!

    1. Thank you. That one is really fun to work on if you're looking for a new project, plus free!

  3. I'm loving both of your pieces very much indeed, I am curious as to know how you will finish your boxes piece (as in frame, cushion etc.) and what is its finished size? Too man questions?

    1. I think I will make it a pillow, that's my thought currently at least. With all the colours I'm using a backing fabric should be easy to find. :)

  4. Great progress on both pieces Tiffany.



Thanks for any comments!

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