Tuesday, March 5, 2024

New Monthly Project Alert!

Here we are in March already! And like most of you said, Do Not Meddle does need to get finished, so I think I'm going to try and do a thread length in it every day before I start stitching on anything else. Here it is now!
Do Not Meddle by Dragon Dreams
stitched 1x1 full cross on 28ct white with recommended DMC

I think I'll try and keep up with the current trend of finishing up whatever colour needs filling in. That's been sort of a sense of accomplishment and keeping my interest, so I'll keep it up for now. 

The new project I'm going to work on for March is Ondulations by Jardin Prive. Here it is when I last worked on it back in July 2021 for the July Olympics start extravaganza I did with Rachel
Ondulations by Jardin Prive
stitched on 28ct rainbow gradient by BeStitchMe as charted

I still haven't decided if I want to add the colours that it asks for or use some of the specialty threads I've accumulated over the last several years. It might be fun to dig through what I have for something close to the charted threads. 

And Wiglaf has grown substantially, I'm maybe close to halfway done now? 
Wiglaf scarf by Lizi Lowe
knit with Fiber Me This You and the Stars 80/10/10 MCN 
and Sassy Black Yarns Connecticut Snow 100% baby alpaca

Next  week I'll update with more progress on everything hopefully. Have a good week everyone!

Happy Stitching,



  1. Nice work! I am still laughing about those dragons.

  2. Lovely color yarn on the scarf.
    Nice start on Jardin Prive, love the Dragons.


  3. Yay for sticking with Do not Meddle a little longer, I'd love to see this done! Also love your new monthly focus. It doesn't look too big either so I'm sure you can knock a fair bit out this month!

    1. It's long, but not very high, so I think I might at least get all the black finished? Thank you!

  4. Great work on everything. Enjoy your new project.


Thanks for any comments!

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