Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Little Bit More of Everything

Here we are, last week of February already somehow and even with the extra day tomorrow I can't believe how quickly the year has disappeared. We're having very unseasonably warm weather for the Northeastern US as well, which might be making it seem further into the year than it really is. 

Speaking of Leap Day/Leap Year, any new starts planned for anyone? Thursdays are my very busy day, so unlikely I will get any stitching in at all, but I did help plan the Leap Day playlist for my Thursday Night hockey group. If you're interested, this is the list:
                        The Wizard - Black Sabbath ( a member was born on Feb. 29)
                        Jump Jive N Wail - Brian Setzer Orchestra
                        Jump - Van Halen
                        Jumpin' Jack Flash - Stones
                        29 Palms - Robert Plant
                        Jump - Kriss Kross 
                        Jump Around - House of Pain
                        Jump (for my love ) - Pointer Sisters
                        Waiting for the Great Leap Forward - Billy Bragg
                        Jump for Joy - Peggy Lee
                        Jump for Joy - Warrior Soul
                        Leap of Faith - Bruce Springsteen
                        Leap of Faith - The Interrupters
                        Jump Into the Fire - Harry Nilsson
                        Jump Into the Fog - The Wombats
                        Look Before you Leap - Marcia Ball
                        Give - The Suicide Machines
                        Bodies - Drowning Pool (singer born on Feb. 29)
                        The Mob Rules - Black Sabbath

And now, what you've all been waiting for, a bit of progress on Do Not Meddle! ;)
Do Not Meddle by Dragon Dreams
stitched 1x1 full cross on 28ct white with recommended DMC

And I was doing more knitting than stitching after another migraine (boo) hit me on Saturday. Not as bad as the week before, so still able to get some things done. Here's Wiglaf:
Wiglaf scarf by Lizi Lowe
knit with Fiber Me This You and the Stars 80/10/10 MCN 
and Sassy Black Yarns Connecticut Snow 100% baby alpaca

If you can follow the colour changes, the blue stripes were decreasing in height until they hit 4 rows, then the white rows will increase to the same height as the blue near the bottom, then it starts over again, so the middle will be mostly white with blue stripes and the 2 ends will be blue with white stripes. 

Jo asked if this was named after Wiglaf from Beowulf, and it was! Here's the designer's note:

- A note on the name: Wiglaf is my favorite character from the Old English poem Beowulf. The protagonist, Beowulf, when faced with a dragon who is terrorizing his people, is abandoned by all his chosen companions. Except Wiglaf. In Beowulf’s darkest hour, one man stands loyal by his side and will not abandon his king.

It's a very easy knit, good for beginners if anyone is interested. It's just garter stitch, but carrying the colours up the side is a nice way to not have to weave in a lot of ends, and it makes a nice edge. 

I hope everyone has a good week and enjoy your new starts if you're having one!

Happy Stitching, 



  1. Looks like you are working on some fun projects! Do you have a favorite scarf pattern?

    1. Thank you! Not really. I've moved more to shawls than scarves, but this one really appealed to me for some reason. It's a neat idea and a good way to use those unique skeins of fingering weight I keep accumulating. :)

  2. Interesting about the 29 of February songs. Nice stitching and knitting.


  3. Thanks for sharing the playlist, some interesting songs on there. Great progress on both your projects

    1. Thank you! People at hockey said it was a good mix, so it went well.

  4. You did make a lot of progress on Do Not Meddle this month, I wonder if we'll get to see it again this year! Great work on the knitting too, the colours are very pretty.

    1. I think I need to keep it out and finish it. I've been trying to do a thread a day lately, so I'll try and keep that up. Thank you!

  5. What a fabulous eclectic playlist! Perfect for Leap Day. Loving the progress on Do Not Meddle too.
    I didn’t think there would be many other Wiglafs but it’s great to hear about someone else with a love for the story.
    Serendipitous Jo

    1. ps if you want a track to play while you’re working on Wiglaf, check out Marillion’s Grendel.


Thanks for any comments!

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