Wednesday, December 16, 2015

WIP Wednesday - A Work in Progress

I've started to back the afghan with the fabric, so it's rough yet, and I'm paranoid that I'm dropping pins in places DD might find them. I check every night, but everyone keep your fingers crossed for me please! 

Here's the finished product before any pinning:

And here's where I am so far:

I do really like how the afghan is coming together and it seems that the backing is staying straight so far. Since I don't have a sewing machine, I'm stitching it in an obvious way and that's highlighting each design as well. That was a nice, unforeseen benefit.

I have a feeling I won't finish by Friday, but we'll see. I have to finish Thursday night and the chances of that are fairly slim. I have a lot of work tonight getting cheesecake ready for DH's birthday on Thursday. I'm going to try and make 2 cheesecakes. One will be goat cheese from this recipe, and the other will be vegan

I left some cashews soaking and hopefully they'll be perfect by the time I get home tonight. I'll see if I can work on it with DD or if I need to wait until she goes to bed. She might like to help, sometimes she does as long as she gets to sample everything. 

Happy Stitching and if you don't hear from me for a few days don't be surprised. :)



  1. It looks amazing! I can't wait to see it finished!

  2. Looks fantastic! Good luck getting everything finished when you want.

  3. Wow....gorgeous!!! Good luck. I'll listen for the screams of celebration.

  4. It looks great so far Tiffany.


  5. Looks lovely!! Even though I have a sewing machine, I am more confident sewing with hands. I dare not try sewing machine for big and treasured projects. Enjoy the cake party:)

  6. Your afghan is already looking amazing Tiff, can't wait to see it finished!


Thanks for any comments!

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