Friday for Finishing!

I finally managed to finish all the wrapping and wrapping in November! And I managed the interior filling stitches too, but I don't remember what they're called. 
Caron Watercolours and Wildflowers in Black Cherry and neutral

I did the filling stitches in a light thread since I hope to back this with a medium dark colour. I haven't decided what colour yet, hopefully I can get to Jo-Anns this weekend and get some help determining what will work. 

I've made a start on December as well although I don't know if I'll finish this weekend since there's a board games get together tonight and hockey tomorrow night. We'll see what I can finish while DD is "napping". (She's not)

Make sure you check out Keebles World for today's bucket list! I didn't get mine done, but she's posting her top 5 Disney World resorts to stay in, so you know that will be a good read if you're planning on going to WDW in the future. 

Happy Stitching,



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