WIP Wednesday: 2015 Round-up

Unlike my cross stitch hero Mrs Milkybar Kid, I didn't start or end the year with a clean slate. I still have lots of WIPs out there, although I did manage to finish up a few in 2015 that had been hanging around for years.

This is not an inclusive list as there are other WIPs hanging around that I didn't work on at all in 2015. And it's pretty photo-heavy too. :)

WIPs as of January 2015 (pre Crazy January Challenge) and now finished:

White Wolves from 2003?

Homeward Trail from 2012

Dimensions Joy Ornament from 2012

LK's Dog Lessons from 2013?


Dimensions The Good Life from 2011?
Fry and Leela from 2012

I'm really excited about finishing some of these that had been sitting around for a long, long time. Some still need finish-finishing, but at least the stitching has been finished.

WIPs that I worked on in 2015 but didn't finish

Ladyfee 2014 SAL
 Warbreaker from 2013

skitzzzzz fractal from 2011?
Tribal Dragon

I think I'll at least carry over Tribal Dragon, and possibly a few of these others will at least get worked on if they're not part of the DUCJFC.

New starts that are now WIPs to be worked on in 2016

Otto BAP- barely started
AAN Spider Banner

AAN Maple Leaf
Twilight Race Cars
Dimensions Sleigh Ride stocking

Princess and the Dragon
Butterfly Quote

I have hopes of finishing some of these next year, especially since I hope that some will hang in DD's room soon. 

I mostly have my DUCJFC projects set up and will try and add these WIPs in with them. Of course some of the projects I've chosen are decent sized, so I would think this next year might be my last one of the challenge starts for at least a year or so. We'll see how it all plays out though, I might manage to finish several WIPs and starts and end up better at the end of next year than I did this year. 

Thanks for coming along with my this year in my stitching adventures and I really appreciate all of your comments!

Happy Stitching,



  1. You have worked on and finished some wonderful pieces!! Huge congratulations for being so productive :)

  2. What a great year you've had! And here's hoping for an amazing 2016!

  3. Beautiful finishes Tiffany. I'm looking forward to seeing your starts and stitching along with you.


    1. Thanks Linda! Big good luck to you with 365 starts!

  4. I think you did really well - 6 finishes and some work on 11 others. Not shabby at all! Looking forward to what happens in 2016.

  5. Cross stitch hero ha ha! I think you had an amazing stitchy year Tiff, especially finishing off a 12 year old WIP!!! It must have been really satisfying to cross those WIPs off your list. I look forward to following your journey in 2016 💜.

  6. Well done Tiff on a great 2015! It must feel really good to have some of those older pieces finished...now you can enjoy them out on display. Looking forward to following you and cheering you on in 2016!

  7. Amanda is my stitch you hero for many reasons! A clean slate is phenomenal... But look at all the beauty your fingers have gotten into and will be able to continue! Happy stitching and Merry New Year!

  8. Congrats on your gorgeous finishes this year. I've enjoyed cheering you along. I'll be right her cheering you along next year too.

  9. Beautiful finishes in 2015!! Good luck for all the stitching in 2016:) I have some designs to be stitched for my daughter but looks like I will complete those for the grandchildren.


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