IHSW January - the Conclusion

I was off work Sunday, but I was also home alone with our baby, so I think I progressed well all things considered. I believe it was 2-3 hours of stitching all told. :)

Here's an update on Tribal Dragon. I'm working on the 2nd of 3 areas that will have this colour.

I'm using Soie Cristale and stitching 1 over 1 on 25 count pewter Lugana. It's going very easily, I really love stitching with silk thread. This is the first time I've used so much of it in one project.

Hope everyone else had a great IHSW!


p.s. See why I don't get much stitching done anymore?


  1. Good progress on your dragon, and your baby is adorable!

  2. You stopped by my blog so I decided to pop by and see what you were working on. A dragon! I love dragons. You've picked some gorgeous colors for it. Good luck!

  3. Beautiful baby and wonderful stitching!

  4. Perfect reason for stitching less :) Adorable!

  5. This cute little bundle is a perfectly valid excuse for getting lett stitching done :)

    Still, I'm curious how your tribal dragon will turn out, it sounds so much more exciting than the all-black chart...

  6. Awww, Tiff!!! She's so adorable!!!!!! How totally darling is she??? I'd wanna hug and kiss her all the time, it's not wonder you didn't get much stitching done.

    Oh yes.. tribal is looking very nice, but your baby... WHAT A DOL!!! :D

  7. Thank you everyone! @Leonore, I hope to finish it within a few months, so you'll get to see how it progresses.

  8. Great reason for not stitching! But your stitching is coming along well!! :)

  9. What a cute little baby :) Great job on your stitching!

  10. What a cutie reason not to stitch, she is adorable. You still got in a bunch of stitches but even one stitch counts towards a finish ;)

  11. Thanks for the comment, you're a "no-reply" person so here I am to see you. I love dragons too (and small babies!)

  12. She's so perfect - I feel like cradling her now. Take your time with Tribal Dragon, it's looking great! :D


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