Wednesday, March 23, 2016

WIP Wednesday

I finally have some WIP progress! 

I worked on "L" a little last night to get from here:
to her full leg in Cobbled Peach and her arm, as well as the start of the L:

If you look closely I goofed a little on the curlicue, but it wasn't worth unpicking to me. I started a row too high, so I added another row of curl. I don't have the colours for her dress, I'm waiting on an order from The Wooden Needle, but I do have the colours for the L. I just can't decide if I want to continue on with this or switch to something else. 

I also finished the wording on Everyone Brings Joy:

I love stitching fun wording. I have no idea why it feels so satisfying to me, but here we are. I love using WDW Autumn Leaves for the word "leave". I wanted it to stand out. I wasn't a huge fan of the house on the right in the original pattern, but I've had an idea. We live in a one-floor house and have an enormous two-story garage so I'm thinking I might chart our house where the picket fence is in the original pattern and change up the colours and shape of the charted house to be more like a garage. 

That will take some work and more importantly time, so this will go back in the WIP bin for a while. I like it, but I'm not up to charting right now. Maybe when things slow down in the summer. 

I also have one that's not a WIP, it's another bug finish! I went with red yarn this time in hopes it doesn't get lost. And we've been hiding it from Max. :)

I sew the eyes instead of using the plastic eyes as recommended in the pattern since I'm afraid DD will pull them off. I also created mandibles this time on the bug and DD loves it! She was walking it around the house yesterday saying "Da dum da dum, da dum, da dum". :)

Happy Stitching and thanks for visiting!



  1. That is lovely progress on the fairy and the saying did make me chuckle. LOVE the new bug - I can understand why your DD does too.

  2. I'm just the opposite, I'd rather stitch HAED-like fill areas than separated areas like wording, but maybe I just haven't hit the right project yet!

  3. Great stitching and love your red bug Tiffany.


  4. Lovely stitching!! My daughter also loved bugs when she was small, I guess until 5 she liked those things . I told my husband that I am worried why she likes creepy things and not much of soft toys or dolls:) But I guess small kids love more of bugs and animals. You can also sew black plain buttons if you need bigger eyes for bigger toys. Black beads or pearls can also be used which you can sew.

  5. I like stitching lettering too, I think for me it's because it seems to stitch up quickly.
    Lovely update, I've just been admiring those Nora Corbett letters (E and J) on Jo's blog and now I see you have picked yours up again too!

  6. I am more like Justine! I love stitching letters, you have a feeling of quick progress :) That wording made me laugh!
    Beautiful progress on the letter too.

  7. Beautiful progress on your L. Love the saying piece. I like your idea of changing it to look more like your home. It will make it yours. Love the new bug and the changes. LOL At your little girl playing with it. Adorable!

  8. Your WIPS are looking great! And I love your wee buggie :)

  9. You're making good progress on your WIPs. Looking forward to seeing your custom house on Everyone Brings Joy.

  10. I love wording too! And the Nora letters; I'm on my fourth one this year!
    The bug is very cute too.

  11. one will ever notice the errant curlicue... =) What a cute bug! I wouldn't make the hubby take him outside!

  12. Lovely progress Tiff. What a good idea to chart your own house (eventually). :)


Thanks for any comments!

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