Sunday, July 17, 2016

Gifted Gorgeousness - July Edition

I'm a little late posting because I couldn't face a lot of internet time after the attack in Nice. I do not understand the world right now. 

So let's bring a little happiness back to each other by talking about what makes us and other's happy, stitching and gifting. This is July's Gifted Gorgeousness post and I hope you check out everyone's links over at our wonderful host, Jo's blog. We're posting about stitching related items we're stitching for gifts, or received for gifts, basically anything you shoehorn into the topic. :) 

Since last month's post I finished one page (and a bit) on HAED Mini Winter Magic - a gifted chart:

I also completed owls number 7 and 8 from KLT Charting Owl SAL:
outline with DMC 823
filling with Jodyri Tropic Blooms
outline with DMC 823
filling with Jodyri Dragon Flames

I also started a Rainbow Butterfly for the Facebook group that is making quilts for victims of Orlando:

and for Just One July through Justine's blog, I'm working mostly on AAN's Spider Banner, although next time I move the Qsnaps I'm going to put the owls back in. 
 latest progress:

I also finished Totally Nuts for a friend, although making it into a needle book hasn't quite happened yet:

So it's been a busy month for stitching, even though I had to take off last week mostly because I tweaked my back. It's pretty much better now, so I'm taking it easy. 

I hope you all had good months and this weekend is also IHSW!

Happy Stitching, 



  1. The owls look great Tiffany. I love the colors of floss your using. Great progress on your other projects.


  2. Nice progress on your projects and Yay for two more owls done. Such lovely floss and colours you're choosing.

  3. Your projects are so pretty - I enjoy watching them grow each month.

  4. HAED è meraviglioso, ha proprio i colori dell'inverno, brava per i tuoi progressi

  5. You made a good progress on your projects, they look lovely !!

  6. Lovely owls, and your Jodyri threads is a very nice choice, well done. Busy like a spider on her web great progress. xxx

  7. Great progress on all projects :)

  8. I love your spider banner, it is coming along nicely. It is fun to watch your progress. Congrats on those owls and acrons

  9. You've had a great gifted month! Over a page on a HAED is no mean feat.

  10. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. The blogosphere is a welcome escape from the world!
    Your Spider Banner is looking wonderful and the squirrels are so cute too.

  11. Beautiful progress on all your gorgeous projects.

  12. Great GG post! You did bring some happiness into the world with your lovely stitching pics :o)
    Hugs xx


Thanks for any comments!

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