Monday, October 17, 2016

IHSW - October Conclusion and Halloween Stitching Update, Plus 2017 Plans

I hope everyone had a good weekend of hermitting and stitching! Head over to Joyce's blog, Random Ramblings to see how everyone did over the (maybe) first IHSW of October. We might have 2 since there are 5 weekends in October! 

Since I posted on Saturday I managed to work on all 3 current focus projects and start a new one... 

Halloween Stitching first!

7. Monster update, was here after Saturday afternoon:
8. and now:

I'm stitching with WDW Meadow right now and his nose was WDW Foliage. I try to get at least one thread in a night. 

9. Boo House was here:
and now:

I think I might actually try and finish this one by Halloween to match my other Mill Hill Halloween kit.

10. New start - any guesses?

I'm not giving you much to go on, but if anyone actually guesses correctly, I'll send you a little something. :)

And a little more progress on Vermont:

That's the top of the M, and you can almost tell an apple will go in the middle of the O. :) 

Also, we've had more aftershocks from the tree and power line, our computer just completely fried.... I really hope our insurance covers some of the replacement cost. 

So to try and avoid thinking of that, I'm working on my 2017 stitching plans. My rough outline right now is to spend 3 weeks of every month on something specific and give myself the rest of the month to work on whatever I want. 

I'm thinking of working on a BAP or HAED the first week of the month, and that will include partial weeks plus the first full week. I would really like to complete some of the BAP WIPs and work on some of the HAEDs I've had kicking around. I have a new tab on my blog that shows all my HAEDs I plan to work on some day. There's only one not included that I gave up on a couple years ago. It was one of the free SALs and I didn't like how it was stitching up. 

I'll add the BAPs to it as well so it will be easy to tell which pile of projects I'm choosing from. :) 

The second week I think will be for SALs. That will be the frog SAL from KLT Charting that I've purchased and kitted, but haven't started. Plus the Lakeside Needlecraft Durene Jones SAL that I really love and have the fabric chosen, but also haven't started. I might also add the Jodyri See Ya Later Alligator to this week since it originally was an SAL design. 

I think the third week will be for general WIPs. This can be anything I like as long as it's not a new start. 

And the end of the month will be anything I like. I can go back and choose anything else I've worked on during the month or a new start, anything. 

So that's my rough plan for 2017. 


And Happy Stitching!



  1. Sounds like you've already got next year worked out! I can't even think that far ahead right now!

  2. anch'io sto facendo progetti per il 2017 e ora sto ricamando qualcosa per Halloween sulla stoffa che mi hai regalato :)

  3. Nice progress Tiffany. I have tried so many times to have a rotation or stitching schedule and it never ever works. So I just stitch on whatever I want. I love all of your HAED's and BAP's.


    1. We'll see how well I stick to it. I certainly do not do well with anything very strict. :) Thanks!

  4. Well you have been busy and it looks like a busy year ahead

  5. Well you have been busy and it looks like a busy year ahead

  6. Sounds like a good plan - enough flexibility so you shouldn't feel boxed in, but enough structure so you have focus. And nice progress for IHSW!

  7. Your stitching projects look beautiful! You have so many things planned out , wish you good luck to get lots of progress and happiness in stitching :)

  8. Great progress!
    Impossible to guess what could this new start be! I'll be patient & admire your next update on it :)
    Your plans for 2017 sound good and leave you a bit of flexibility to play with. I'm sure you'll have a very productive year.

  9. I'm guessing a Blue Ribbon design?
    Your 2017 plans sound great. I like a weekly rotation myself, it's long enough to get into a project but you still work on a few different ones each month.

  10. Sounds like a good plan, I wish you luck - I can never stick to rotation plans, something always gets in the way. Good luck with the power issues.

  11. Wow, you really do have a plan for 2017 lol! I can't think that far ahead just yet; it's enough just doing things as they come up at the moment. Maybe I'll just continue on with "whimming" it; it worked fairly well this year!

    I guess you're stitching a... square! Maybe a L*K design?

  12. Wow, you got to work on several projects! They are looking good!

  13. Your projects are lovely! Is it really time to start planning our stitching for 2017? I admire you for starting this planning so soon.

  14. Hope your 2017 plans work out well.
    Nice different projects you are stithcing


Thanks for any comments!

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