Friday, December 2, 2016

Catching Up and Xmas Plans

Thank you for all your great comments on my Rejoice Tree finish. Grandma liked it, although a lot of people weren't sure what it was? They had laid it down sideways one time when I went to visit Grandma after I had set it up correctly. Hopefully they know now. 

And the blanket was successfully fully finished in good time. I will admit to still tying knots in the fringe on our way to our friends house, but that was still a good 3 days early. :)

Here's the finish:

It wasn't difficult to do the fringe, you only have to remove the horizontal threads on each side, then tie the vertical threads in knots. If you try this yourself, have 4 inches or so to make it easy on yourself!

Sewing the black fabric on the back so it didn't fray too much wasn't terribly difficult, but a little scary for me since it was my first "real" project for someone else. One seam was really teeny, but we managed to complete the seams without destroying the hardanger squares or the afghan, so that's something!

I'm not showing photos because it's not pretty, but it doesn't have to be, it's the back! and black on black stitching, so you'd have to really work to see it anyway.. I hope.

Grandma modeling her new lap-ghan. :)

I managed to get a decent amount of work done on At Our House as well. This is the mostly updated photo:

I'm working on the upper part/page 1 first and I'm a little farther ahead than this photo, but I haven't had a chance to take a new photo since we got back, or time to stitch. I'm also fighting off a cold, so haven't been up to much in the evenings. 

It's really fun to stitch, although since I have to hold my Qsnaps in hand I have to be careful not to stitch too long or my left hand cramps up from holding the frame. 

That meant I switched out and worked on my other travel piece as well:

This should be an easy finish with another hour or so to work on it. 

I also brought along my Frosty Friends, but I only did a line or so on one of them, so not much to show there. My Xmas goal is to finish all 6 of them. We'll see if that happens. ;)

Does anyone else like Advent calendars? It was a tradition in my house when I was growing up and we're rejuvenating it for DD again this year. I think she'll get into it a little more than she did last year. 

Kate was amazing and sent me some Moo Free advent calendars from the UK! Their chocolate is so good compared to what dairy free stuff I can find here. 

There is one missing as of last night. It was too early this morning to have my chocolate, so it will wait until I get home. DH and DD have one too, plus DD has a Thomas the Tank Engine one from her grandparents. I hope she enjoys it!

I think this post is long enough for now, hope you all had good weeks!

Happy Stitching,



  1. So glad your grandmother likes the cube and blanket. They were both lovely makes.
    Great progress on the LK models. I always enjoy working on LK charts but as they are smalls, they always are finished too soon to my liking :)
    My son is growing up but still wants an advent calendar every year. He has a dairy milk Cadbury one this time and I am rather envious!

  2. The blanket looks great Tiffany and grandma looks happy with it. Nice progress on your stitching.


  3. Grandma looks very pleased with her special gift.

  4. What a beautiful afghan. Wow. That is a wonderful gift. I love advent calendars. Always a special part of my family Christmas Traditions

  5. What a beautiful picture of your Grandma with her lapghan!

  6. Your grandmother looks very pleased with her lap afghan, which is lovely. Nice work on your two WIPs. We never had an advent calendar at my home growing up, but looks like a fun one.

  7. Glad to know your gifts brought joy to the recipients:)You have been very busy with lots of projects. I have no idea about the advent calendar but I have read about it on many blogs.

  8. The picture of your grandmother and the blanket made me smile. What a sweet, thoughtful gift! Lovely projects....and how "sweet" to receive the Advent calendar.

  9. What a beautiful picture of your Grandma with her new lapghan. I'm glad to hear she loved her gifts. I once gave my sister in law a lovely cross stitch of some lemons in a bowl and she displayed it sideways!
    Love your LK stitches, I'm another big fan of theirs!

  10. What a wonderful gift for your grandmother! It is really beautiful; I'm sure she loves it. Love your two WIPs, too.

  11. Yay for finishing the stuff for my grandma! Looks like she liked it a lot :)
    Great progress on the other things too! And I love advent calendars, I have three this year: two with chocolate and one with pictures.

    1. Thank you! I have just the one, but DD has 2. I think we're going to have to add Lego and Thomas or maybe Playmobil next year.

  12. Grandma looks like she appreciates the lap-ghan. The blocks are bigger than I thought!
    I have two online Advent Calendars this year and the Large Boy has the Lego Star Wars calendar plus a chocolate one. Peppa Pig because that's all the cornershop had left! I told him he'd get a sausage every day LOL
    Last year we were sent four boxes of promotional advent calendars on the 30th November to give away on the 1st. We managed to shift about 10 and the rest went in the stockroom. In the end I took them home and my son was still eating them in June!

  13. Oh I love the picture of your Grandma with your blanket. So wonderful. She has to be so proud of your work. Your two WIPs look fantastic. Sorry you aren't feeling well and hope you are all back to normal soon. Yes I love advent calendars. We painted our own set last year. My son and me since I can't be left out haha. My mom fills the little boxes with goodies and she really enjoys us opening them each day.

  14. These are two wonderful gifts for your grandmother and she must have been thrilled with them.
    Nice stitching progress on your WIPs.


Thanks for any comments!

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