WIP Wednesday: Almost There!

I'm very proud to present an almost finish on Somebunny!

I ended up finishing all the cross stitch first because my DMC 535 vanished somewhere and I was finally able to stop by Michaels last night and get 2 skeins (to be safe!). I love how it looks already and can't wait to get back to the backstitch tonight. I don't know if I'll have a finish tonight, but it's certainly possible. 

I'm really looking forward to turning this into a little pillow for DD. She has a big bed now and although there's a pillow on her bed, she doesn't really use it. This would be decorative too, but I think she might like to carry it around with her. It should be maybe 6 inches or 7 inches square when complete, so that's not too big for her. I'll wait and give it to her for Valentine's Day and I'll work on finishing it up over the next couple weeks. 

Jo mentioned on her blog about finishing things on a Sunday, and that's a good goal. I don't have a ton of stitching time generally on Sunday evenings because it's after ice hockey, and that will last until the end of March I think. Taking an hour to iron, etc. might be a good idea after hockey instead of getting entrenched into my stitching spot and grumbling that bedtime comes too quickly on Sunday nights. ;)

Also, I'm signed up to Kerry's Theme-tas-stitch 2017. She's chosen different themes for each month to stitch on, and since I tend to follow these things better with blogs than I do with Facebook I'm happy she's taken on the challenge of hosting. February will be "Focus on a Finish" and I think I can make that work well with my weekly rotations. I'll post more about my plans when Somebunny is finished. Join us if you're interested! 

Happy Stitching,



  1. somebunny looks fab! Good luck with the bs now you are so close to a finish. The cushion sounds a lovely gift. Jo's Sunday idea is great. I need to source some frames for mine. Thank you for the shout out. I'm really excited to be hosting theme- tas-stitch. It's going to be lots of fun!

  2. Somebunny looks lovely!
    I can't wait to see it finished as a pillow.
    Your DD is going to love it.

  3. Those birds are adorable! I may just join you but possibly not for February...I barely finish anything! lol

  4. I love Somebunny Thanks for sharing Kerry's Theme-tas-stitch 2017. I went right over and signed right up

  5. Somebunny looks great Tiffany and so close to a finish.


  6. Wow it looks fantastic! You are so close!! Good luck getting that backstitching done.

  7. Somebunny looks so cute! I really love the sketchy backstitching.

    I have my Theme-tas-stitch project all picked out for February, really looking forward to finishing off (hopefully) an old WIP.

  8. You've done a lot and hooray for being at the back stitch point. It will make a lovely pillow.

  9. Oh my gosh this Somebunny is adorable, I love the fresh colors, it reminds me of spring.


  10. It's so lovely this bunny!!! 🤗😘💓

  11. Some bunny is a cutie! Good luck with the themed stitching! It does sound fun.

  12. Somebunny is SO cute! Absolutely adorable. I look forward to following your Theme-tas-stitch posts each month. It sound fun!

  13. Oh Tiff, your bunny is adorable!! I love the colors in the project. It is a great idea to dedicate a day to finishing projects. I have a drawer full of finished projects all just waiting to be on display. I'm hoping to finish several of them this year. The theme stitching sounds fun, too. I'll look forward to seeing what you choose.

    1. Thank you! I have a drawer like that as well, so it would be good to actually work on finishing a lot of them up.

  14. Some bunny is so cute!! I love cute and colorful project. Your daughter will be overjoyed to get the little pillow you are going to make:)

  15. Somebunny is looking so lovely - you should be able to finish this for Valentine's with lots of time to spare!

  16. Somebunny is so cute, love the little birdies, they looks so real.

  17. You have stitched this so quickly!! It's absolutely adorable. Best of luck with the backstitching & your challenges

  18. Oh my, I love this little bunny. A wonderful idea to make a little pillow for your DD.
    I have the intention to join Kerry's Theme-tas-stitch, but not earlier than July because at the moment I don't have a lot of time to get busy with SALs.


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