Theme-tas-Stitch May! - Monochrome May

This time I'm going to post early for Theme-tas-Stitch instead of late. :) Check out Kerry's blog for all the details about Theme-tas-Stitch and the links to see how every one else did this month. 

I worked on Princess and the Dragon and managed to progress past the error I'd made and continue on into the next section.
This is almost the full piece of fabric, which will almost be entirely filled with the design. I'm stitching 1 over 1 (DMC 310) on 28 count Jazlyn Amarinthine by Chromatic Alchemy

I also pulled out Reflections of Canada to work on and am about halfway done! 

I've flipped it upside down as well since the stitches will still go the same way, but it's easier to stitch at the top of the fabric with my stand. I'm stitching 2 over 2 on 25 count ivory fabric with Jodyri Ruby Slippers. 

I hope to finish this one by July 1st this year since that's Canada's sesquicentennial celebration! (150th). I always remember that word from one of the Cat Who mysteries by Lilian Jackson Braun. That and anti-penultimate from music class. 

I'm debating about restitching May in some purples for my SIL's birthday. It's later in May, so the card might even get there on time! So Monochrome May will continue until the end of the month, and likely into June for WIP week if I don't get Reflections of Canada finished this month. 

Happy Stitching! And if you haven't checked out Jo's venture, Blogger of the Week, this week is another great time to do so since I'm the Blogger of the Week! :) I even found my very first cross stitch project this week while cleaning up the loft in the garage. 

I used all six strands of thread on each stitch, so it's thick! 




  1. Even two pieces for this month's theme - not bad. If I wanted to join in I would have to start a new design, lol.

  2. Great pieces tiff, I'd not noticed the hockey sticks detail in Canada until you pointed it out in your BOTW post.

  3. Great progress Tiffany. It was fun to learn more about you.


  4. Great Stitching on Great Projects by a Great Blogger

  5. Great progress on your stitching projects.
    It was sweet to learn more about you.
    I did laugh when reading about your first project and using the whole 6 strands.
    Now we can see it. My gosh, it must not have been fun to work on this ;)

  6. Two gorgeous entries for Monochrome May! I especially love the Canadian piece, it's so pretty and detailed.
    I'm glad you discovered how to split your thread otherwise I don't think you'd still be stitching now!

  7. You really did fit the theme this month, well done! I love both pieces. I really like monochrome stitching so I was surprised that I had none at all myself!
    Love the cat piece, well done on finding that too!

  8. Great stitching Tiff. I love how the hockey sticks can be found in the monochrome stitch. I was happy to find your blog. And so glad Jo introduced us to you. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  9. Great progress on your projects!! I have been behind in reading blogs, will check Jo's blogger of the week. Your first stitched piece is cute:)

  10. Stitchers are always learning something from others, some small kits don't always tell you what to do in detail. Great first project you finished.

  11. I'm glad your making progress on the Princess...she's going to be huge! Reflections of Canada made great progress as well, I'm sure you can get it done by July.

  12. Great progress! I can really see the dragon now! I'll bet by the time I catch up with your blog it'll be close to finished. Your first cross stitch piece is a stitch! (pun intended!!) I'll have to dig out mine and share it sometime soon.


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